TT from Well Tempered Labs?

I have looked around among the threads on the forum but there does not seem to be much written about TT from Well Tempered Lab? Is there anyone here who owns, or has owned or who has tried a TT from WTL who could share their experiences and views?

Never heard but I know one long standing Naim dealer that has one on his home system.

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I have a friend, an ex Naim dealer who has one. He uses much different amps snd speakers that i am normally used to……but i still found it most enjoyable. He also has a Rega RP6 which he switches between.


@Mechanalogue has the Versalex


I recall that there was some confusion years back where the brand was expropriated by a different company, so you may need to be a little careful.

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Opera Audio – Manufacturing

Our good friends in Beijing, Opera Audio, we freely acknowledge their contribution in bringing the Well Tempered Lab designs to a reality. We enjoy their company, listening rooms, their art and dining out experiences.

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I have the Well-Tempered Amadeus GTA. This is my second WTL turntable (owned the original Amadeus when Firebaugh first introduced it). My love for the TT cannot be understated. It is an amazing record spinner, period. It is quirky at first to get up-and-running, but once you dial it in, it is up there with many costing much more. That, of course, is my opinion. I’ve recommended WTL for some time. I wouldn’t worry too much about distribution and who’s manufacturing them. Opera Audio is legitimate and has been manufacturing them for some time. A couple of pics:


That’s not a Versalex! :grinning:

I think it’s an Amadeus……

I have a great deal of respect for them and indeed their UK importer Pear Audio. I know and know of several LP12 owners who swapped to WTL. Definitely worth auditioning…


You are right, I checked his profile. I don’t know why I wrote Versalex ….

Well Tempered Simplex replaced a Linn LP12 a couple years back. I always admired their quirky character ( squash ball feet, golf ball and silicone goop, fishing line belt) but it was cohesive quality to sound that won me over. Initially used with Nait, and olive shoeboxes but really shone with Croft separates.

Currently use with WTL Battery Power Supply (BPS) which also powers Dynavector P75 MkIV phono stage.

Need to update my profile once I figure out how to do it…


Yep, Amadeus GT. Love it! I’ve had it for about 8 yrs. I don’t think about other turntables anymore…apart from the newer WT’s. Hana ML on it now and it sings. Easy to set up. The silicone bath makes arm dampening easy if needed. Very well made. Great reviews. The arm is capable of handling all sorts of cartridges as far as I’m aware.


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Exactly my feeling. I have an Amadeus with Dynavector XX2 mkII cartridge and Superline/HiCap phono stage. I have had this about ten years and had no reason to even try anything else.


Many have the same feeling about the Well-Tempered. I’m with you. I ran the XX-2 for years with it as well, along with a Transfiguration Temper. I can only imagine what your setup sounds like with the Superline.


Thanks for all the interesting answers! It seems that WTL turntables are worth a closer look!


Nice pictures. Which pickup do you use?

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Yes, it was the quirky characters that caught my attention and piqued my curiosity to explore more. Which pickup do you use?

Thanks! I use an AT-ART9 MC cart almost exclusively; sometimes switch to a Dynavector XX2, the original MKI I won at auction, NOS. The ART9 is really a special cart. Pretty unbelievable how little they charge for the performance it gives.

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