TT Upgrade Not Quite Yet!

I was discussing with my dealer this weekend upgrade options for my TT when he became very tight lipped but suggested I’d be well advised to wait.

But on pushing he said that very soon Naim will be launching their first TT as the next Statement component.

Solid marble plinth, titanium tonearm with integrated cartridge - replacement stylus will require the arm to go back to Salisbury. Power supply and phono stage in Statement shoe box size units.

Price to be determined but first ever £1M Hi-Fi component?

Happy April 1st :rofl::rofl:


That’s sad…I was then writing an open cheque…

Will it also toast and make coffee ?

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Yes. Apparently there is to be a Uniti been grinder.

I have had a sneak preview, it sounds pretty good :slight_smile:

Bean grinder even!

In the States we pronounce “been” as “bin” not “bean” :upside_down_face:

Excellent - thanks for clarifying that:wink:

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