Tumbling CBBC

Just been watching my eldest granddaughter in the background of a program on CBBC today.

Makes a change from all the Coronavirus postings.

The program (available from today on BBCiplayer) is

Gym Stars, Series 3, Road To The Olympics 2; Fearing The Unknown

It’s in the bit near the beginning (filmed at GMac, Birmingham). When they show the 2 young lads, the girl in the background and a lot of the other shots is my 11 year old granddaughter, Ellie.
She’s wearing Royal Blue Top and black shorts, and has long (dirty?) blonde hair, in a pony tail.

Tumbling isn’t an Olympic Sport, BTW, but she is the West Midlands Champion 11-13 age group for this year. That’s what most of my grandad’s taxi duties are about - ferrying her to and from Tumbling, Fencing, Ballet. This takes up about 10 hours for her every week . I wonder how she ever finds time to do her homework (Sutton Grammar School for Girls).

I’ll admit to spoiling her (as I do all my grandkids). It’s her birthday next week. I hope she likes the used Superuniti I bought for her!


Addendum :

My granddaughter is in the same Elite Squad as the two boys. I should have said that she is the GIRLS champion.

Chris - the bloke you see talking to the two boys - is their trainer. He is also the trainer of the current World Tumbling Champion (Jaydon) who also attends GMac.

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