TuneIn Radio on Asset UPNP

Does anyone here use the Tunein Radio feature that is bundled with the registered (paid) version of the Asset UPNP software?

I cannot find the Radio Paradise streams by browsing the hierarchical categories displayed by Asset and there doesn’t appear to be a Search feature to quickly find a desired station.

The TuneIn website does have a Search feature, and I have used that to verify that RP is indeed hosted within TuneIn.

So if anyone who uses TuneIn through Asset UPNP knows where the RP streams are located, I would be happy to know!


Very few around here use it, most use Naim iRadio (vTuner), & Naim iRadio have the 320kb/s RP service with the regular RP plus Mellow & Eclectic .
Do you ask about Asset TuneIn because don’t you have a Naim streamer ???
I’m sure you will get a quicker answer if you post the question on forum.dbpoweramp (dot) com

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