Tuner drift

hi clive, first lesson learnt, read all of the post before sticking my oar in

I’ve owned my Nat 101 / Snaps since new 1986. I had a problem with drift in 2000 sent it back to the factory for investigation / service. It was there for 8 weeks and it deemed that their was a problem with the head / main board. They kindly replaced the whole board completely for the sum of £180 + vat. Brilliant service Organisation to go to these lengths.
Just before Christmas a had a problem with drift phoned Darren at Class A asked me to check the voltage from the Snaps it should be 24.5 volts mine was showing 23 volts. Sent the Snaps to Darren for a service came back excellent again.



Yes, indeed, although it’s a mistake we all make, particularly on the longer threads. Yes, I do use a Ron Smith Galaxie 17 and do receive a strong signal. It was last serviced in July 2014 (I had previously said five years ago, but I have since checked the service record sheets). It does seem a short service interval. I will send it for service as soon as the factory gets back in operation, which @charlie.henderson suggested yesterday might be after the Easter period. It also depends when my Naim Audio retailer reopens for business as I will need him to book it in.

So my NAT01 has been turned off for the best part of two weeks. Yesterday I decided to switch it on again just to see what happens. Lo and behold it stayed on channel! It’s been on now for >30 hours and hasn’t yet drifted. Fingers are crossed that it stays this way. I’ll have to see what happens, but I’m still minded to send it to be checked over when that eventually becomes possible, although I fear it’ll be tested and returned no fault found.

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hi clive, I have been having problems with my speakers ( see super 20 nightmare) and thinking that as I do a lot of listen to my tuner maybe part of the problem with my sound stage could be to much signal , so this morning a put another attenuator (18db) on the back of the tuner and it sounded better, but the interesting thing is I am able to turn the tuning dial further with out it going off channel, I was going to get the signal strength checked as the aerial cable has had time to settle in ( had it fitted earlier this year) but with covid etc will not be able to, so is it a .case of you are getting to much signal? I now have 50+ db of attenuation. just a thought.

I really suggest getting it serviced when you can… it sounds like VFO is starting to deteriorate and the AFC phase detection compensation in the discriminator will likely be pushed to the point it can’t compensate. It could be a power regulation thing into the VFO as well.
Apart from marginal conditions, changing the aerial feed won’t affect this. A power cycle with a cool down in between may give some short term respite, but it sounds like it’s on the way out.
Analogue FM tuner heads will fall apart relatively quickly once components start to significantly age… it’s the nature of the beast.

Thanks, Simon. I have already asked my Naim Audio dealer to request an RMA number so that I can get it in for service as soon as the factory and the dealer reopen for business. Fortunately for now it does seem to be working - yesterday there was a programme I thought I might listen to on Radio 4, but I didn’t dare tune it away from Radio 3 - just in case!

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