Tuner nat05xs noise

Is it normal that nat05xs as source,if the volume at the 9’oclock and above ,I can hear the noise from the speaker.
Ndx at the same volume position,there is nothing can be hear,quiet silence.

It’s probably PCB inter track crosstalk in the amp,
What is the amp
Can you try a different input (DIN or RCA)

If you are meaning you can hear background noise from the NAT05 XS when the broadcast is momentarily silent, then yes that is normal, depending on the broadcaster. But you could try switching the tuner to mono. If that reduces the noise level significantly, then you probably should think about a better external FM aerial.



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Thank you Mike,MY amp is 282 and 250, if volume goes Above the 9 o’clock, the noise is obvious to be hear.

OK, thanks for info.
I still say its cross talk but David has another possibility that could be contributing.
It would help a little more if you would explain in detail about what is connected (NAT05 plus what else ???) & to which input & is receiving a signal & what 282 input button is on & off.

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