Turn off the 282's recording section keys

Since I don’t use the recording function present on the nac282, I wanted to know if it is possible to turn it off avoiding that the lights on the front panel remain on unnecessarily, I have searched around on the various manuals but I have not found anything…

Press ‘Disp’ on the remote. Switches off all but the Naim light on the front.

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As above - just make sure you press pre on the remote first.

To turn off the record section, then also press the mute button on the lower row of buttons.

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My intention was to only turn off the record section keys and not the entire display

What are you saving the lights in the record row for? Any paricular reason ?

I too have the same problem, that is, below the recording LEDs, mono and mute are always on, but now the CD LED also lights up. and jon manage to turn it off

it was just to not keep them on unnecessarily

I have a 252 and I also think it would be a nice feature to have all the lights in the tape monitor bank off, while keeping the lights (source, mute, mono) in the source bank on. But it’s an all or nothing affair unfortunately.

I have no use for the tape monitor anyway. Would have been just as happy to be without them all.

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Press Record Mute and Aux and you will get a better sound.

I did that a long time ago, and if there is a difference I guess I’m not a good listener, because I don’t notice anything. Must be extremely subtle.

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Me too,it’s free and it sounds better that way,so why not.

Is that aux1 or aux2? Dont want to make the dound worse?

What mode do one enter then that improves the sound? :blush: Same for 552?

Aux2 might cause some noisy leakage from powered Aux2. :rofl:

Yes Record Mute and
The button longest away to the right

Mine might already be in that mode I guess :wink:

It was once told here, that it should be Mute and the Rec button furthest from the Source you use. So if you use Aux2 for phono, then on the Record section push Mute and CD, for example. But as I stated before I can’t tell the difference. Ditto for using the “disp” button on the remote for turning the lights off.

I’m sure there are plenty of people here who will tell you all that improves the sound, I but I cannot tell a difference.

I use aux 2 for my TT and cd for my ndx2. What should i do? It already sounds good, id hate to bugger things up.
I could just wait a few hours, sell it and buy whatever new nac naim are pedaling in the morning of their super duper new line up ? !!



My phono stage is external so I pulled the phono cards out of the 52 and sold them. I select rec: mono and mute and phono then lock them. No idea of the difference it makes but has become a habit.