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Hi - I use my Mu-so 2 as a TV sound bar. Is there a way to turn off the light on the UI? The app lets me adjust the light level for the ‘naim’ logo but I can’t find a similar control for the UI light. Is there one?
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Ian Bird

Just set it to the lowest setting. The volume light will go off after a short period of time of not being used.

Thanks for the reply. The light does go off when there is no TV feed to the Muso sound bar but can I have the light off when the sound is on?

Yes, on the lowest setting (one green dot on the left-hand side) the lighting is off when no adjustments are being made.

Thanks once again. I have set the three left-hand dots off but they seem to control only the ‘naim’ light in the front, bottom left-hand side. I cannot find how to control the UI light. What am I missing?

Is your firmware up to date?

Yes, checked a few days ago, and re-checked just now.

That’s all i can think of. Apart from the network LED there are no lights on at all while mine is in use. :thinking:

Thanks for your help so far.

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