Turn system off during heatwave?

As we are about to experience a heatwave, is it wise to turn equipment off until the weather cools? What does everyone here do?

I just leave my units on, our house downstairs stays relatively cool. It was 30 C outside today, but only 23 C indoors.

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Leave it all on. Heatwaves are all relative, it might be a few degrees above average, but its nothing for electronics.
I will only turn it off if storms are forecast.


Our town owns its own electric distribution company - unusual in the States. We do our best to be good citizens and in the heat wave we don’t do laundry during the day, don’t bake in the oven, and keep the indoor temp as moderate as we can to be comfortable. But I’ve not turned off the hi fi; it seems to generate rather little heat.

Why on earth would you turn it off?? Tod is not exactly warm most of the time but you need to remember that in warmer places - they do exist - that people still listen to music.


Storms are forecast in the UK on Thursday Mike…(according to Michael Fish!)


I’ve turned everything off and unplugged this eve due to risk of thunderstorms in the next day or two. I won’t be home and last thing I want to is to come home later in the week to a load of fried boxes.

Well my Hugo has gone phut this evening… whether it’s the heat or not I don’t know… but I suspect it may be something to do with it.

As far as storms, we have had rumbles and lightning on and off for over a week now… but no flickering lights, or UPSs tripping.
Even the Lattitude festival stopped and cut off its power for safety for an hour or so at the weekend because of lightning.

If it can’t take 25 degrees it’s got to be a bit crap. Maybe one of the Godlike genius Rob Watts’s million taps is insufficiently cold.

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Yep… that must be it… but its case feels certainly hotter than 25 degrees… sitting on my NDX2

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Well at least your base system of NDX2 can soldier on…and thats a nice place to be, even if its not your idea of perfection. I am sure the Hugo will resurrect itself in due course.

A bucket of cold water fixes many things.

Gaza, indeed, but it really is no where near the performance of the Hugo… even though I willed it on… in the end I stopped listening and switched the TV on instead… I suspect I will need to flex a credit card.

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It only takes one . . . cold tap that is.

I’ll have you know that the Calder Valley is rather sticky at the moment and is going to get even hotter come Thursday.

Just checkin’, we have some overnight flash-bangs Tue/Wed, oh well if it keeps me awake it might be fun playing with some camera shots.
Thursday Mr Fish sez we have 34’C

I turn my kit off when not in use. Chord and Linn kit sounds fantastic after 5 minutes so no need to keep it switched on all the time. The only thing I keep powered up all the time is the fridge.


I have central air. A heatwave has zero impact on the room with my system. I leave it on. I turn off my tube phonostage when it’s not in use, and my NDX2 goes to sleep automatically when not in use, but my XPSDR, HDCDR, 250DR and REL subs stay on all the time.

I never had problems with with Linn’s LK 280s shutting down during the hot season. However, transitioning from Linn to Naim was a different story: My Crossovers was wired for Bi-Amp mode which required two amps. With my finances being extremely low, I was forced to run my Briks with a 250 handling the low and mid range whilst the 200 took care of the tweeters. The 250 shut down on more than 3 occasions. So I switched the duties and put the 200 on the low and mid frequencies. No more heating problems. Mr. Richard Dane explained, with the 250 being a regulated amp it was required to do more than the non-regulated 200. Hence, the 250 would shut down rather than slack on its duties. Needless to say, after that experience, Tri-Amped Briks was a no-brainer!

Sooo! What do I do? I keep my system powered up at all times, unless lighting or a storm is in the forecast.

PS. I know, those archaic Briks are a massive load! LOL☺

I went to Chicago for a week in September, 2014, forgetting to set the AC. Upon return, the interior of the house was 86 degrees F, and I hear this mysterious whirring sound. My Naim Unitiserve drive was toast! Now I either ensure the AC is set or that the equipment is turned off.