Turnable located far away from an amplifier

That would require a 5m lead from turntable to phono stage, which would probably be awful.

Thanks for all responses it seems that a digital cable is a solution here or putting the turnable closer to the amplifier.

Just a thought, nobody has mentioned budget and I have no doubt it is too expensive, the description of the EAR Yoshino 88PB includes this " To avoid cable-dependent high frequency response, a highly linear buffer stage follows the volume control, using an output transformer which provides balanced or single-ended output at a low impedance which can effortlessly drive long cables."
What is meant by “long” it does not say, but perhaps somebody knows a more budget price item that will do the same?

I have my turntable quite far from the Atom, I am using maybe 5m of cable with no issue. I have a Moon phono preamp next to the turntable and the output is line level, which would be the same for any phono preamp, and equates the exact same levels as any non-phono analog source. So any concerns about a weak signal are unfounded; that is unless you locate the preamp next to your Atom, which would be a bad idea. My turntable (Ariston RD11S with SME arm) is connected and grounded to the preamp, and the cable I use to the Atom is classic Kimber PBJ. The signal is clean with no hum or noise.

You will be fine if you use a similar connection scheme. 10 m is not going to be an issue. I’ve run that long before with line level.

A balanced cable would e OK from a phonostage if the Atom was balanced, but it isn’t and as the Atom digitises any analogue input fed to it so it’s available for multiroom there seems little point in keeping the signal in the analogue domain up to the Atom. There just remains the question of how good a phonostage and ADC can be had, either combined or separate, for an acceptable budget.


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