Turning NDX screen constantly off?

Due to a lot of comments that NDX is prone to screen failures I set the auto off setting to 10 seconds, however anytime I click “Next song” from the remote the display turns off for a short period of time showing information about the song playing. In addition when I open and close Naim app, the NDX again receives commands and again the screen is turned on. Even though the screen turns on for only around 10 seconds, I’m afraid this happens very often (I often swtich on and off the Naim app or click Next on the remote) and might shorten the screen’s life. Is there an option that allows the screen to be set constantly off unless you remove this setting? I didn’t find such an option in the manual.

Perhaps this thread “Ndx screen blank “ should help. You can find it in the search part.

IMO you have an unnecessary concern about the screen being on for such a short period as 10 secs. It’s my understanding it’s screens that are left on continuously that are liable to suffer.
My six year old NDX screen has been set for 30 secs from new, screen is as good as when new.

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The screen on the NDX has a life if about 2 years. If yours is set to 10 seconds, it should last for the life of the NDX itself.

Interesting to hear, and worrying, what was your source?

It’s something I recall from the old forum when users were investigating early instances of the issue with Nain service dep.

That would be 2 years of on time. And indeed users who have the screen display permanently are the main sufferers. A 10 second timeout is going to make this problem very unlikely.

I want to add that my NDX is already 7 years old and when I bought it the auto off setting of the screen was set to 2 minutes, so my setting of 10 seconds has been applied since 2 weeks. The main question is how much amortization the screen has built up during this time. That’s why I’m overly careful now.

Thanks for the info., I’ll amend my NDX2 settings…:+1:t3:

Think this relates to the older streamers not the NDX2.

My NDX was always set to switch the display off but still faded after a few years. It was barely readable when I traded it in.

There’s no guarantee that this setting will give the display an indefinite life.

Thanks, I’ll leave it on & hope, if it does fail, it’s within the 5 year warranty (4 yrs 10 months to go).

Correct. This problem is specific to the older green OLED displays. There’s no such known issue with the NDX2 or ND555.

The OP just mentioned the original NDX. If they meant the current range, there are currently no known issue to the best of my [limited] knowledge.

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Yes, I meant the original old generation NDX. I also have heard there are no such problems with the current range. Well, it seems except setting the time to 10 seconds there is nothing more one can do, so I will hope the screen not to start fading.

Mine is 6 years old and bright as the day I bought it. I’m sure most are similarly fine.

It would be interesting to know how many have failed.

I bought my NDS from a well know dealer in Suffolk and the NDS had been back fro a new display.

I’ve followed their used stock for some time now and it does seem that well over 50% of the streamers they sell have gone back to Naim for a service and new display as the old one had faded.

This affected the older NVI as well so it’s not a new problem.

Apparently the replacements they fit is a different part now so hopefully these will last better, only time will tell.

Like FZ, bright as the day, but as I posted before its set to 30 secs

The next question is does anyone know the cost of a replacement ?

The forum is full of anecdotal cost in the GBP400 region.

We’ll never know how many failed. The forum is just going to be full of the unlucky ones or those who had the display on 24/7.

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