Turning off front panel lights on NDX2

Hi, I recently purchased a NDX2. I can’t turn off/dim the four lights on the front panel and they stay on regardless of whether the display is on or not. My dealer understands that this is due to the most recent software update and the issue now affects all NDX2s

Is anyone else having this issue? It doesn’t seem right that you can’t dim the lights anymore.


Just checked, turned it on, and there are 2 dim levels plus an all off (via the remote). When in standby, it look like this, no matter what the setting is.

My firmware is up to date


I believe it’s always been like that. You’ll doubtless get used to it.

Thanks HH. The unit I have is a replacement unit (there was an issue with the screen on the previous one) and I was able to dim and turn off the lights the lights on that one.

My dealer told me today that he spoke to Naim and they said something about them using a different type of screen in the NDX2 which is affecting the ability to turn off / dim the lights on the newer units. He also said something about an update causing the issue but I didn’t quite understand. It would seem odd if you couldn’t turn off the lights on all the new NDX2s….

There’s a similar post here somewhere. Not sure where that discussion ended but might be worth searching for it.

When I had mine, the lowest setting was really dim, but not quite off, which is what I thought you may have meant. Maybe things have changed; it would certainly be nice if everything other than the logo could be completely off.

We have an NDX2 from latter part of 2022 on latest firmware and the 4 lights are off.

Music playing now whilst I watch Champions League… which one is the NDX2? :laughing:

As HH says they aren’t quite completely off, just very very dim. If you strain your eyes you could see them.

Cycle via lights button on remote is buttons off, dim, bright. We have our screen set to off when playing, obviously.

I remember when Nigel (HH) invited a few forum members pre - launch for the NDX2 etc. Trevor the then MD was explaining the difficulty they were then having in nailing a production screen. Every time Naim had decided this is the one they wanted……the screen was obsolete, a very fast moving market vs the hifi industry.
The introduction of a new screen, is not a simple matter for Naim.

I’m having the same problem. I was told that it’s a problem with the last firmware update that affects some players but not others. Why some and not all? This doesn’t make sense to me, but they say they’re working on a new firmware update that will resolve the problem. I’m waiting.

Would someone from Naim staff care to comment?

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Hello my NDX 2 has firmware 3.8.2 (5443) what is the latest firmware of th NDX 2?

Your firmware seems to be older.

My NDX2 has 3.8.1 (5437) installed and says its up to date ?
The lights can be dimmed via remote - dimmest setting is completely OFF

No matter setting I can always see slight light from the buttons on my NDX2 latest FW.

That’s right. They can’t be turned off but can be dimmed using the sun button. See number 7:

I find my unit has a more recent one.

Where to find info about all Naim firmware version changes.

Mine is also showing 3.8.1 (5437) and “Firmware is up to date”.
I seem to recall the roll-out may be spread over several days / weeks in different territories / areas.
Mine is in the UK.

Mine has this firmware for 3 or more months. Arrived from a repair with it.

Thanks LL. @Richard.Dane are you able to shed any light on this? Cheers

Same here. Maybe there is a glitch with 3.8.2 and they have pulled the pin on it? I don’t suppose marketing will be shouting it from the rooftops.

I suspect that 3.8.2 is needed if a particular component (possibly the replacement display they fitted) requires it. This same situation applied to green screen legacy unitis and streamers a few years ago.


No sorry. Someone from Naim may well be able to assist here though. Perhaps ask Naim support.

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