Turntable advice for muso gen 2

Hiya newbie here. Does anyone have advice on which turnable under £400 works well with the muso gen 2 and which cables I may need as it’s a gift for my man. Many thanks all.

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If considering a turntable to use with a Mu-So 2 then consider that you will need a turntable, cartridge and also a phono stage. At this level there are turntables that incorporate all of these within the actual package, thus making for a very neat solution. The best of these are probably from either Rega with the Planar 1 Plus or else from Pro-Ject with the ProJect Essential Phono. Both of these have a decent quality cartridge and phono stage onboard and all you need to do is connect straight into the AUX input on the Mu-So2 with a suitable quality interconnect (2 x RCA Phono to 3.5mm Jack) which your dealer should be able to supply. Either turntable comes in a choice of colours too.

IIRC there’s at least one member here using a Rega Planar 1 Plus and getting excellent results even into a big Naim system, so that would be a great choice here.


I was going to say the same as Richard, the Rega Planar 1 Plus, it comes with phono stage and cable so as long as you have somewhere stable to put it, you are up and away for around £330.

I think Pro-Ject also have a similar product thought their web page doesn’t mention leads.

It may be easier to buy the Pro- Ject via the web, than the Rega , but both are designed as plug and play

Wow thanks both really informative advice. Been struggling with this for days. Much appreciated will now look at suggested. Many thanks :smile:

I’m the Forum member to whom Richard refers. The Planar 1 plus is really excellent. It’s a doddle to set up - just screw on the counterweight as far as it will go and that’s about it. No tracking force or bias to worry about. They come in black, white or red and cost £329.

Sorry my mistake just re read post lol

Great thanks will def but that. Do I need an additional cable or the one that comes with

You’ll need to get the cable that Richard mentioned above - two RCA phono to 3.5mm jack. Your dealer should have one. The deck comes with two phono to two phono, which won’t fit into the muso.

Fabulous thanks I’m sure he will be very happy. Many regards :heart_eyes: to you all


Very easily available on flea bay but a dealer should have a better set. The thing about good cables and inter-connects is that they don’t add, but they help prevent sound being degraded and an electrical signal is a very delicate thing

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