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Hardest things to buy are TTs. Closely followed by speakers. IMO.

So many variables, so hard to do a/b comparisons. Setup, arm, cartridge. If you have the time to try all the combinations and can remember what sounded like what, then great.
The TT setup I have now , for me, was far better than my nd5xs2/ qutest.
I had to go to a ndx2/ xpsdr for the streamer to just pull ahead in terms of sound and pleasure.

I used to run a Stageline with my with previous setup (202/200 DR and Rega P3) and never got on with it really. Thr Stageline on a Nova would require an additional power source as well. I currently run a Rega Phono MK2 which seems to be a bottleneck in my system when comparing it to some other phono stages. Most likely I will move towards a Mofi Ultraphono. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy the Technics really.

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Just going to leave this here.:grin:


Maybe :thinking: Personally I think the gold suits it well in metallic or black. I’ve seen silver/grey weights and they don’t look quite right to me somehow.

I know what you mean though. I’m currently refinishing some old Ruark Templars and they have gold fasteners for the drive units. Not a good look so am changing them.

That’s definitely the problem IMHO. I had an easy time with the speakers as I’ve always loved Martin Logan’s and fortunately they went well with my Uniti MK1 and now sound even better with the Nova. It’s not the usual choice and even my dealer (who sold me both) said he’d never come across anyone with a Naim/ML system. I love it though so guess that’s what counts.

What I’m trying not to do is exactly what you’re describing (not criticising at all). I don’t upgrade often so want something close to the Nova streamer. I know what I’m like and I don’t want to put digital to one side because the vinyl sounds so much better. A home demo is definitely something I’ll have to do.


And it’s British. I won’t mention my LP12 but I do try to go for British across the board -just a shame about the Kandid and my Panasonic 9000 BR player but I suppose that’s at least made in Europe!

Graham Slee on the left?

Just playing my Kraftwerk TdF album on coloured vinyl ( blue and red). Wow. The bass can be felt beating your internal organs ( perhaps o need to turn it down a tad?). A lot going on here that I’ve previously missed.

Yes, it is a loan from my dealer, a Reflex X, they have ordered one, but don’t know how long it will take in these interesting times. I have the upgraded power supply with it as well.
The cart is an Ortofon Quintet Blue. The whole thing is a joy to listen to.
Linked to another thread, the Ortofon is stretching out as it burns in. Very happy.

You were not tempted by the custom colours?

I used a reflex with psu1 , great phono stage…not much love on here.
I also currently use a solo hp amp which is brilliant with my Mezze 99.


I currently run the Accession MC with Enigma PSU and it is STELLAR. I agree that Graham Slee phono stages don’t get the credit they might otherwise deserve.

You cannot go wrong with a Technics 'table, IMO. I think they’re terrific. My main TT is a Well-Tempered Amadeus GTA, but there is no denying the lure of a direct-drive. Here is my heavily-modded SL-1210 MK2, along with a couple of other options I have/have had in a second system the past few years:
SL-1210 MK2 Mods1
SL-1210 MK2 Mods2

The thread “ show us your turntable “ should help too.

I didn’t choose the Graham Slee, it chose me. I picked the ex-dem Gyro as I just wanted a TT to spin my old nostalgia LP’s. The gyro is months old, but there is a new thingy on the new arm, so they need a Gyro with the new thingy on the new arm and I get a bargain. Cartridge was chosen on reputation and price, a decent MC at a reasonable cost. Very pleased with it. Needed a phono stage and the dealer recommended the Graham Slee range as reliable, well made and neutral sounding, without much of a character of their own. They have a few of the GS range on demo and as we were a few days from Lockdown II, revenge of the face mask, he offered the loan of the Reflex until life returned to normal and I could audition some alternatives. The Gyro and cart was set up and then plugged in to a copy of my system to check it was working. It sounded much better than I was expecting, so I ordered the Reflex. Also had to buy some RCA cables to join it all up, so half a metre of Chord ShawlineX was added to the bill.
I initially planned to listen to a ProJect Perspex 6 SB with a Project phono stage and an Ortofon M2 Blue, and ended up a little lighter in the wallet, but very happy with the sound and of course the looks of the combination I ended up with. Listening to it as I type and enjoying it immensely.
I do have history with Audio Technica cartridges, so I may investigate something from the OC9X range if I get itchy ears and fancy a change.
So far my return to vinyl has been a joy, I hope it stays that way.

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Good for you, @billywindsock. The GS is great. My Well-Tempered runs an Audio Technica AT-ART9 and it is an amazing cart. So if you can stretch your budget a bit, I would opt for it over the OC9X range. Light years more refined, IMO, and not for a ton more.

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At the top end of the TT range that would work well with a Nova I’d suggest the Vertere DG-1. It’s a spectacularly good deck and visually a good match with the Nova with the black and glowing Perspex, with a sensibly priced phono stage I think it’d be a blast. Will it stop you wanting to listen to streaming? I don’t think so, I use a Roksan TMS turntable ( which I prefer to the DG-1 after a direct comparison) in my main system, when I move to the upstairs lounge I’m totally happy with the Nova system, the Nova makes music really well.
(On my TMS I use the Vertere Phono-1 phono stage, the Rega ones are very good and the Fono would I suspect work well with the Vertere MM cartridge. The Nova is good enough as an amp to show the improvement between the two, but I think Vertere DG1/Vertere MM cartridge/Rega Fono is a spectacular record player (as it should be for £3,000) without the need for the better phono stage.)

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Thanks for the perspective, regarding vinyl vs digital. Maybe I’m over thinking it and just need to audition. Fortunately I’ve a great dealer who stocks a reasonable range at my budget. He doesn’t stock Vertere though, which is a shame as I’ve not heard of them but seem to get very positive reviews.

As usual there’s a huge amount of choice around £3000 and it all seems excellent quality.

Love the TMS btw and quite sad they don’t seem to make it any more. Another classic.

Fear not for the TMS. Its talented descendant is the Vertere SG-1 turntable.
Both were designed by Touraj.

Best regards, BF

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