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The Axis is free as I am inheriting from my father in-law.

I suppose I have nothing to lose by at least trying it if possible without much expenditure - to go on 252/SCDR/250DR so I think I will need something to get it plugged into the phono input?

Its had a very well looked after life and appears as good as new.

Can also possibly use it with an Audiolab 8000A that’s coming with it and use as a second system if nothing else

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The Axis is FREE…? Well… just go for it (JFDI…!!) - subject to a check or maybe change on the Cartridge… :thinking:

Should the Axis’ turntable be slow or reluctant to spin up, a belt swap might also be need. Just Anno Domini kicking in… :expressionless:

yup, that’s a no brainer!
If possible and you have a local dealer that can give it a once over and a tune that will be helpful, the cartridge may well be worn or benefit from swapping in a new one.
Phono stage you have a wealth of options, a Naim Stageline MM an obvious choice but others will chip in with more meaningful options here, the Rega Fono MM perhaps?
Do come back and report on how the journey goes…

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Yup. A Naim Stageline - which I think a 252 can provide slave power to. Or a Rega Fono. In each case the type needs to match the actual Cartridge type fitted - MM or MC.

The Linn Axis is a more than adequate deck it’s main problem is it’s PSU which is prone to breaking down though it’s a relatively easy and cheap fix.

I’d say if you want to try vinyl again or for the first time then it’s a great deck.

The Audiolab 8000A would be a very good match for the Axis. I’ve had a couple of them over the years and still use one in a bedroom system. I had one for a number of years with a Manticore Mantra TT and Audio Technica MC cartridge. I can vouch for the MC phono stage in the Audiolab - it’s pretty decent and more than good enough for a Linn Axis based system, and I am sure the MM stage would be equally good if your preference is a MM cartridge.

I didn’t have any problems with my Linn Axis. In terms of set up it is pretty straight forward. It is not as complicated in that regard to the LP12 with it’s suspension.

An Audio Technica AT-VM 95E would be a good starting point for a cartridge at £40.

It sounded pretty damned good. I enjoyed it. Moved on to LP12 since.

I would give it a go and be prepared to buy a decent but well priced cartridge and see how you get on.

It’s a no-brainer…go for the free! Axis…if you get bitten by the vinyl bug, then think about improvements later.
Many of us here might think this…if you do not get bitten by the bug, then something somewhere is wrong with the Axis package.
Happy listening!
Indigo Girls: Swamp Ophelia on the P10 at the moment.

@CDI will have a P10 or a LP12 Klimax in no time :wink:

Happy listening all…

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…or even sooner than that!

In my experience, cleaning a vinyl record with a record cleaning machine (one that uses liquid cleanser and a vacuum drying system) makes a remarkable difference. Even the low-end ones, while time-consuming to use, will make a big impact. It’s hard for me to even communicate the level of difference without sounding hyperbolic.

I don’t clean records obsessively, and my process is generally to clean once, and then keep records in MFSL sleeves that don’t disintegrate over time like paper ones. I will use a basic carbon fibre brush for one or two rotations before playing a record, just in case any dust has somehow gotten onto the surface, and that’s pretty much it.


OK, well in my experience (YMMV), even using a Record Cleaning Machine (a Keith Monks, I think), did little for the few noisy records that I had put through it. The machine belonged to a dealer, so my use of it was limited.

I also tried a Manual Parastat (which I still have, but have not used for years), which was good at removing surface dust and would kill any static, but again didn’t have any transformatory effects.

The Decca brush was/is great at dealing with dust - and in theory - helping with static. But I keep my Zerostat near by…

Regarding inner selves, I used normal lined sleeves, if the original sleeve is plain paper - or shock, horror - printed card… :astonished: Never had any problem with these.

IMO, cleaning the Stylus is the real key think to do. I have the Audio Technica (AT-637) vibrating cleaner, which I see can be found pre-loved on eBay, for vert little money. Safer than some other methods, perhaps…? I also have a piece of Linn Green Paper somewhere, too.

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