Turntable/Atom Advice

I’m looking for some advice to see if I can improve my analogue sound through the atom. These days I am digital but want to play my vinyl.
I have purchased a rega fono and plugged my old turntable into that and then into the atom.
It works but is a very muddy sound.
Can I do something else to improve the sound? I have downsized from the multi block naim amp systems and don’t want to return to it but maybe there is an angle I am missing.

What’s the old turntable and cartridge, and which Rega Fono are you using?

Thank you for getting back to me… It is a Linn Sondek, clearly rather over the top for this system!
It is rega fono mm mk3

Which cartridge are you using and how old is it?

LP12 is not over the top imo, it can sound excellent or muffled though.
Quite sensitive to setup and adjust if old version or long since service.
Maybe it will need a fresh cartridge ?

It is Linn Adikt, five years old. The turntable has been fine on the higher end amp system.
I had read satisfactory feedback on use of linn with atom elsewhere so felt it should be ok.
The sound lacks any spark at all.

Were you using the Rega Fono with the Adikt before?

The Atom digitises the analogue input, but it’s remarkable how transparent this can be when done well, so I doubt this could be repsonsible for making things sound “muddy”. It’s hard to know what’s what without a few things to test against.

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