Turntable comparison Rega vs Funk Firm

My last move didn’t go well and my Rega P2 came out the worse for wear. It’s actually no longer playable for the damage it sustained (a big chunk out of the plinth, the bearing is out of wack, a corner of the plinth is dented…)
I had planned on upgrading it in the new year anyways but now it’ll be an outright new tt purchase.

This segues into my wondering how many may have had/have been able to do an A/B comparison of a Rega and Funk Firm tt.
I had planned on jumping from my P2 to the new P8 but having done some reading I’m mighty intrigued by Funk Firm as an alternative.
So my question kind of comes down to this: do you know how close the FF Little Super Deck 2 FX3 is to a Rega P8? From what I’ve heard his Gett! 2 is comparable to a Rega P3 which gives me a baseline to go by…


@carruthersesq has the Funk Firm LSD. Maybe he compared to Rega.

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I do not know the Funk Firm Turntable. I know many do like it. If you like the sound of the Rega 2 you won’t be disappointed by the P8 and it represents a bit of a bargain in my view. Nice minimalist design too.

I think the FF LSD costs around £2.2K so if you are willing to spend that much I would consider a Michell Gyrodec SE also.


On top of @Robinho’s excellent advice look at the Roksan Radius and Vertere DG.

Thanks FF.

I used to have a Funk Firm LSD with F5 arm and have to say it’s a wonderfully musical deck. I think they retail around £1.5k plus cart. I never thought about parting with it until I saw someone posted a wanted ad on the fish and it pricked my interest in what else is out there.

I now have a Rega P8 and I also love this deck. If I had to nitpick between the two, I’d say the FF LSD is a tad more fun, the Rega better built. Both have great support from the manufacturer if needed. I’d be happy with either.


The OP will be glad to read that :+1:

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I can’t comment on the Funk Firm’s tables but I can comment and very positively on the Achromat and the Houdini. Both are fantastic products in my view - the Achromat is amazing especially on the Rega ceramic platter (which resonates like a bell :laughing:) The Houdini which serves to decouple the cartridge from the tonearm is also a great upgrade. I have had many email discussions with Arthur and he is always very accommodating even in his slightly singular way.

I heard a P8 about 2.5 years ago i store and was delighted with it but at $4 000 in Canada sans cartridge I’m wondering if a FF would provide more bang for the buck

I wish both of those were more readily available to listen to in Canada…

Thanks C! I’m hesitant to go with something I’ve never heard but…we’ll see, lol.

Just to murky the waters some more the loaded FF version for £3,257.35 equals $5,473.70 Canadian…That’s if I don’t get hit with duties which might push the price up to $5,700.00.
I can get a new P8 with cart for $4,000. My budget says it’s a no brainer!

If you do go for the Rega P8 (it’s a great turntable) it is probably worth making sure that it is the latest spec from Rega as they now have a Neo Mk2 power supply shipping with the P8.

Thanks for mentioning that…I haven’t looked that closely at the new P8 specs. I expect that’ll come with it when I order it as I’m a ways from pulling that particular trigger.

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