Turntable ground?

Sorry to ask a simple question but what is and how do you use the turntable grounf connection on the back of a phono pre and turntable?
is hum normal with volume at 11+ o\clock with no music playing

A hum is not normal and the ground cable should be attached to the knurled ground screw on the amp.

The spade connector, circled in Blue goes to the Ground connector, circled in Red.

If you have a Planar 3 as shown in your profile, it doesn’t have a separate ground wire. It’s grounded via the two phono leads.

Thanks but this is actually for the Audio technica TT in the other system.

If you’re getting an hum even when the flying earth lead of the AT is connected to the Stageline then carefully check the cartridge tags and the detachable headshell as there may be a poor or dirty contact here. If you have one, try a different headshell too.

Will do
first try the ground lead. I do find turntable set up complex !

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Definitely try connecting the flying earth lead first…

Done and far better…with Supernait volume at 12 o’clock theres just some hiss through the speaker. Much better thank you!
Such a simple fix really!
Now I need to look at a similar problem on the rega planar 3/Elys2- some general hum and when the arm is towards the centre it’s worse. Can’t hear with music playing but I’m sure it can’t be helping! This seems to be a bit of a common problem ?

That may be harder to fix as it could be hum that’s being picked up from the motor. Easy way to tell is to switch off the deck and just move the arm towards the spindle (and towards the motor) and listen.

No hum with TT off arm towards centre
hum with TT on from 10 o’clock on XS
whilst I can’t perhaps hear it with music on it can’t help things!
Thank you

An external PS helps :wink: But it seems excessive, if you hear it at 10 o’clock this does not sound right.

[Though if the volume knob is on very loud there is not much you can do: you are moving an extremely sensitive electromagnetic pickup device into the electromagnetic field of a motor. E.g. the Rega P8 manual says:

Note: To minimise the risk of hum picked up by the cartridge, the Neo should be situated to the left as far from the cartridge pickup as the interconnect cable will allow. Also ensure that the PS1 power supply is as far from the turntable and the phono stage being used as possible.

And this only minimises it. With the arm towards the center, the motor running (and the motor positioned in the plinth), and the volume near max, there will always be hum and noise]

Thank you - it might be a good idea but it’s quite an expensive fix. I never play 45 and I’m not sure what other benefits apart from possibly reducing the hum

But still, if your amp’s volume works as one would expect, it is surely not normal to have a significant, audible hum at 10 o’ clock

Usually this is down to the cartridge - some being much more sensitive than others. However, it may also indicate some kind of fault with the cartridge or motor, so probably an issue best taken up with your supplying dealer.

What Richard says. Also a bit difficult to say because we don’t know that you are hearing. So for me it is as follows, without music of course. It’s a P8 with Ortofon 2M, Rega Aria, Nova - so I have to give numbers for volume:

With a high-level input, I mainly get just the Naim amp hiss up to 100% on the Nova. Starting around 90 there is also a bit of additional lower-frequence noise audibly mixed in. But this is all still on a quite low volume level.

With the TT input and the arm on the outside, there is of course additional phono stage hiss, but barely noticeable with the ear near the speaker until 40 and noticeable but insignificant from listening position at 50. With the arm in the center, there is an additional hum, but up to 40-50 it is similarly insignificant. So, with both arm positions I’d not say it is in any way problematic up to 50 - without music, which would be very loud at 50.

If you can hear a significant, annoying hum from listening position at 10 o’ clock, it seems a bit much for me, but then as Richard says, some cartridges and players may do that

At least one of the tts is sorted out quickly and cheaply! The rega may take more money and time or a total change…

I have a P6 that is supposed to be grounded through the phono leads rather than a separate earth lead.
However I still had loud hum so I bought another earth lead and connected it from the earth terminal on my Trichord Dino to the metal wall shelf which got rid of the hum altogether

All ideas are welcome - I have a metal wall shelf but thick paint coating and I can’t see how idea attach it.
I could try another cartridge perhaps an ortofon £90 for red £190 for blue - which may or may not work or cut my loses and flog the rega and get a TT without the hum towards the centre and a ground terminal. Possibly try the cartridge route and if that fails put it into another TT and move the rega on.
It was a quick and cheap fix to get rid of the hum on the Audio technica because it had a ground terminal.

What’s the actual system the P3 is connected to as your system descriptions in this thread seem different to what’s in your profile ?

both have tisbury audio phonos
with new ground cable minimal hum with Audio techica tt ortofon red

still hum on rega elys 2 towards centre

I had a swap around this week - Audiovectors much better in larger room than the ovator s400 - which are better in the smaller room
Must update the profile next!

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