Turntable Interconnect Help, Please

Dear Naim Friends,

I have had the tradies around and they have given a “no” to mounting the 50" plasma on the wall off the IKEA TV unit, 4 x 2 pigeon holes.

Therefore I have to supply two long pairs of phono RCA leads.

  1. For the novelty “Floating Record Player”.

  2. For a turntable that is a complement to a Naim Stageline MM. This is more of an effect of uniformity of Naim stereo components. I am not a serious LP user. Though I would like to give my wife a good as possible play back of her LP’s via a Naim Stageline, for uniformity of audio components.

RCA leads of three metres will be too short. Four metres would be better. Though my audio shop only sells three metres and five metres.

The choices I have are between Audio Quest and Wirewound. The former is available in three and five metres. The latter only in three metres. I am wondering if my Naim friends could recommend either one of these brands or a brand that would four metres from outside Australia?

Warm regards,


P.S. As a refresher, my HIFI System contains a NAIM CD 5 XS, Nait XS 2, TT to be decided, Celestion SL6Si loud speakers.

I take it these interconnects will be post Phono stage?

If straight from the turntable (i.e. before phono stage) anything much over a metre should definitely be avoided. If you want to run longer i/cs then it must come after the phono stage has EQed and amplified the signal up to line level.

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G’day Richard,

I think I was thinking inside the box. The Floating record has its on phono output stage. The the plan is to run its output direct to an auxiliary input on the Nait XS 2.

Yet again I have been given something to think about. I was thinking of placing the Stageline in one of the four free pigeon holes. If I place the Stageline on top of the IKEA unit, then a RCA lead may only have to be 1 to 2 metres long to suffice.

The only issue now is if the Naim Din leads will be long enough to go from the amplifier to the Stageline. I think I have a spare Din cable and will have to measure.

Thank you for the input Richard. I am usually so tired at the end of a busy day. I probably should not post when I am tired this late at night.

My audio dealer did say he tried a 4 metre RCA cable on the TT back to the Stageline and noticed no difference. This is a point of interest, note, something to keep in the back of the mind.

I measured the spare Din cable and it is 126cm long or 4 feet in the old scale.

Many thanks,


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