Turntable lids

I noticed with not a little horror this morning that my LP12 lid was absolutely filthy… fingermarks, dust etc. I don’t think it’s been cleaned in decades.

Anyone got any ideas on the best way to clean this acrylic (or is it perspex?) lids? I presume harsh abrasives/chemicals are out. But what about something like windowlene? Or something natural like vinegar or lemon juice?

I also have shockingly hard water where I live, and any use of water tends to leave marks.


I’d start with soap and water to get off the “big chunks” and drying with a microfibre towel. That might be all it takes! If the water is so hard that it leaves residue after that, probably a dilute vinegar in water, or a commercial prep that is similar but that doesn’t start with water as hard as yours. But always test on a small back corner first. NO ALCOHOL.

Yes I’d go with water with a little washing up liquid in it. You could do a final rinse and tidy up with a microfibre cloth with some distilled water to prevent hard water residue

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Good idea; do a final rinse with distilled water. Solves the hard water spotting. Can even put it in a clean pump bottle and spray it on.

Mr Sheen

Alcohol like IPA doesn’t attack acrylic (and Perspex is just a branded acrylic). But the only thing it may be better at doing than soap and water is removing residues from adhesive labels. As acrylic is easily scratched, the key is to remove anything gritty very gently, and only using very soft cloth (microfibre as suggested is good). If water is so high in dissolved solids as to leave a visible residue even with immediate removal after rinsing, then ideally get some distilled water purely for the final rinse.

If scratched, you can get acrylic polish from any acrylic shop, with which to polish them out - but anything other than very fine scratches will take a lot of effort.

All this of course applies to other acrylic surfaces (and indeed glass other than the much greater resistance to scratching - and their much more difficult removal and not with acrylic polish): including the fascia of some electronics, some LCD screens - though for both of those wiping with damp cloths not washing, using no excess liquid!

For my Michell Orbe lid and the acrylic (and with the double plinth and ISObase I have acres of it) I used the Yamaha Piano Lacquer Polish I use on my 805 Signatures and their Tiger Eye finish.

Dust, finger prints all gone.

I also use these micro fibre cloths

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I’d agree completely, always best to do anything involving a turntable stone-cold sober.


Yes - no alcohol on the lid or in the operator!

As most suggest Water best at first, but if lid is cloudy or minor swirls try:

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Some great info there – thanks everyone!

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You need to start by removing solids from it. It doesn’t matter if you use non-abrasive liquids, or non-scratch microfibre towels, you’ll still scratch it with what’s already on it.

My suggestion is (and this is what I do):

  • rinse dust off
  • spray windows cleaner (I use Method, Windex is a bit hard to avoid streaks)
  • e-cloth glass towel

If you already have scratches, then you need to look into polishing products. Novus stuff could work.

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If the lid is really bad - hazy and full of fine scuffs and scratches - then Brasso followed by a couple of sessions with T Cut a lot of elbow grease would usually bring it back from the dead. However, I would only try this if your lid is in a very bad way…


The lid on my Michell Syncro has a few scratches courtesy of an ex-wife who neither loved it as much as I do nor was as careful with it as I am. What is this Novus stuff or is there anything else that I should perhaps look at? The scratches aren’t particularly deep but they are rather long :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi Kevin,

I very much like this:

It’s a water and Tenside based antistatic cleaner for synthetics (Kunststoff). With other products I sometimes ended up with enough static on the lid to lift the armtube from the rest.


I’ve used TLC (Turntable Lid Cleaner) from Russ Andrews for the last couple of years on my LP12 lid, it’s a bit expensive at £30 per bottle but a couple of sprays is enough to do the lid inside and out so it lasts for ages and works a treat.

I’ve used toothpaste for polishing scratches out of watch crystals. So should work on the lid.

Not sure what the more expensive agents add since people also add they require tons of elbow grease.

Out of interest does anyone know how much a new lid costs?

LP12 lid = £160 on my dealers website.

Hope that helps.

For a LP12? About £130. Hinges are extra