Turntable recommendations?

I have recently upgraded my amp to a 282/250/hicap setup and using a HDX as a source I am very happy with it but my Rega RP6/exact (MM) cart is definately letting the side down. I have Kef R500 floor standers. I am looking into upgrading the TT but I don’t know much about hardware so looking for some direction to narrow a demo down to 3 maybe 4 TT’s. My thoughts are -

Gyrodec - I heard one a LONG time ago and really liked it although I have no idea what speakers/amp it was feeding !

RP10 - mainly due to the fact I liked my RP6 pre upgrade.

LP12 - this seems a rabbit hole all by itself with all the options, so not sure I would get “lost” on this one…

Do you think I am way off the mark with this trio as a starter ? Any other options greatly received, but I prob will impose a 5k GBP cap. Many thanks.

I chose Rega, as I was intrigued by ease of set-up and lack of “fussiness.” I am NOT very mechanically inclined, and have no plans of doing extensive modifications myself, or being extensively involved in set-up, fine-tuning adjustments, etc. So while I love the look of the LP12, it seemed impractical for me.

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I’m not so sure your turntable should be so out of it’s league with a 282 / 250. The RP 6 is a pretty solid turntable. Perhaps a cartridge upgrade would be sufficient?

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Id maybe think about a cartridge and phono stage upgrade first. I recently upgraded my Michell Syncro to a RB808 arm, Dynavector 20X2L low output MC cartridge and Rega Aria phono stage and it sounds fantastic through my Nait XS2 and PMC twenty5.22 setup. When my dealer first suggested this setup I wasnt sure if the turntable was up to those upgrades but it most certainly was and it has exceeded my expectations.

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You should probably audition a Nottingham Analogue TT in your price range. Maybe a Hyperspace?

This idea that an LP12 is something akin to a space craft that only Nasa trained geniuses can wave a majik wand over stops too many people experiencing a great deck. It is a very, very basically engineered deck that even if you don’t want to attempt setting up can be set up just once by a qualified tech and enjoyed for years afterwards if no upgrades are done and on the subject of upgrades they are not the law you do not have to endlessly spend money on an LP12.
Go to a recognised dealer and get him to build you a deck out of used parts and you will not be disappointed.


OK from my point of view, I picked up an old SH LP12 from my dealer (LP12’s is one of his special subjects) spent a little money on the deck getting new cartridge, Plynith and Hercules

then I took a sharpe in take of breath last year and had a budget and my dealer fitted some very very upgrades which now means I ply 90+ % vinyl

find a good dealer who can demo some decks to you with your current step up and then make a choice

I brought my deck back in March of last year and not touched it since, IMO LP12 is one of the finest vinyl sources there is, do they take a lot of looking after, when NO IMO - they do need to be set up correctly and your dealer should do this for you, my advice is not to purchase an Off the shelf LP12 - speak to someone who can demo you the differences, what I can say is with your budget it should be something very special

Thanks to all, It seems either upgrading my RP6 or an LP12 (despite me thinking they are voodoo boxes!) are the fav options. I might see if I can demo a stageline and Rega Aria at home with a better cart and see how that works out first as is the cheaper route.

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Out of interest, what phono stage are you using now?

I’m with @zipperheadbanjo on this so far. I would be surprised if your rp6 is letting the side down. I have an older RP9 (currently in storage) which definitely never held back my 82/hc/250 amplification into Focal be1037s. Although I did use an ear834 phonostage too. I think your rega could comfortably take a better cartridge, which would be my first step.
You don’t mention support. I assume it’s already on a wall shelf?

I have just upgraded from rega rp6 with ortofon bronze cartridge and built in phono boards in my 52, to a rega P8 with apheta 2 and now with naim superline. Fantastic upgrade and great sounding turntable.
Was going to go with a rega aria until the superline turned up and the P8 and rega phono stage does sound good together and a great match and one i would go have a listen too


Don’t write of the good old Roksan Xerxes, they work well with Naim equipment.

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Also worth mentioning that Michell turntables are up-gradable in stages (power supplies, platter etc) until you can eventually swap from the Gyrodec to the Orbe (the Orbe loses a little of the ‘glamour’ of the rotating brass weights of the Gyrodec but more than compensates with a more mature sound). I have the Orbe SE version (and the matching transparent stand and cover) which has been copied in style (I think) by the latest SME turntables. The after-sales support from Michell is excellent and unlike some other turntable manufacturers they have resisted elevating prices to stratospheric levels. Good solid engineering which has stood the test of time. Worth a demo too if you’re choosing a new turntable…

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A Rega phono, not sure what it is, same size/looks as the Power Supply.

As a 282/250DR/HiCAPDR owner, who previously used an RP6, I too thought I was being held back on the vinyl front vs my digital front (Metrum Acoustic Menuet & Simaudio MindNEO) in numerous areas. I went from an Exact2 to the Hana SL, which was a worthwhile upgrade all around but after I did a table swap to the Bryston BLP-1, I found out the RP-6 was the weakest link in the system. The BLP-1 was a large step up all around. If you want to stay Rega (the RP-6 has a general lean sound signature which I had always wished was a bit fuller, something the Bryston has cured), I’d go P8 as a min. Have not heard it in person but reviews have been good & looks like its a big step up vs the RP6 & like my current Bryston table, cure many of the short comings of the RP-6.

Might have missed but what are you using for your phono stage? Currently using a Simaudio 310LP Neo, overall happy with my current analog front but my future plans will likely be to swap to the new Hana ML & then add some tubes in my phono stage with the Modwright PH 9.0

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At the mo it is on top of my Fraim. I do intend to wall mount it, just not got round to it yet !

Rega RP10/Apheta 2 :grinning:

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As I think you have recoginsied, your RP6 should be better than this. Setup and attention to detail is everything with vinyl. Others have suggested looking at deck, cartridge, phonostage synergy and I’m with them. Rega Ania cartridge into their Aria stage should be good, with deck on their wallshelf. I read good reports of the Neo power supply for your deck.

Probably a Rega Fono MM then.The Aria is a big step up from that.

Some rate the VPI Prime very highly … if you like unipivot type tone arms and lots of fiddling with VTA set ups etc
… I went for the Rega RP10 … nothing to have to mess with :smile: