Turntable set up assistance

I’d really like to find someone who would visit and run through my gyrodec to confirm it is set up optimally.

I have fiddled, but have no confidence that im getting the best out of it. And no frame of reference.

In particular when some vinyl sounds ‘off’ I’m sat wondering is it the record or the deck.

Any suggestions or recommendations…I am outside Southampton. Are there gurus out there?


Why not pay a visit to Audio T in Chandlers Ford? Alan looks like your man…

Winchester Hi Fi also recommended, run by Andy and I think Phil March also on hand for expert turntable ‘fettling’.

Also second that recommendation for Alan at Chandlers Ford. Bought a Supercap from him many years ago.

Thanks chaps. I’ve had dealings with both…both good guys. I’ll sound them out.
Have a 300 on order from winchester hifi.

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