Turntable stand for linn lp12

That’s a lovely classic set up Graham,

When are you back home? Hope it happens soon for you.

Where is the XPS or CDPS for CDS2 and the 52PS or Supercap?


Also, alternative thinking :face_with_monocle:


  1. Fit a Linn Trampolin2
    Top tip : Resist using the feet for levelling. Aim instead to level the surface it sits on.

  2. Then buy yourself an IKEA Kallax unit.
    Glue and screw, to make this light weight item absolutely rigid.

  3. Fit the recommended IKEA feet, (also useful for levelling).

  4. If on carpet, add the IsoAcoustic carpet spikes

Sorted for not much £££


Another option - for not much £££ more - is the very good Decent Audio wall shelf. Nicely engineered product that just works well. If you can get this into a good solid masonry wall, that’s probably the perfect isolation solution.

Good luck



I certainly do have an XPS for the CDS II and a Supercap for the NAC52, but I really can’t remember clearly the layout of the shelves - as you have just so obviously shown!!

I will post some photos as, when and if I ever get home! But I’m not holding my breath, as BUPA, in conjunction with my elder son, have effectively kidnapped me.


So Graham, what are you in hospital for? I am a big fan of the CDS2 and regretted selling it!

I had a gastric blockage (and filled up with poo - sorry!). That was sorted out in hospital many, many months ago. I was then discharged to a care home, where I spent four or five months and, as the doctors thought that I wasn’t ready to go home, I was sent to the respite home (for what I was given to understand would be six weeks or thereabouts). But BUPA like stealing my money, so I’m still stuck in their rats’ nest six months later.

I could not put into words how much I hate the thieving cluckers.

I’ve fallen out with my son over this, and my extended family, from whom I have had zero support or any help to escape the nightmare. So my son will be disinherited, and I shall never speak to the rest of my family again.

I would never have imagined that any of this were possible fifteen months ago, but who ever said that life is fair.

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Another nice option for a wall mount is the Solidsteel WS-5. I have one for my Clearaudio Ovation and it’s great, although it’s not currently used. I am waiting to move my system before I remount it.


Are you not physically able to care for yourself at home at the moment? If you can look after yourself with a bit of “home help” maybe you could sign yourself out.

Sounds like my family. You’re not the only one.

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Of course I could care for myself at home, but that doesn’t mean that the pr*cks (BUPA) will let me go home. They greatly prefer to keep me interned and steal my money for the privilege of doing so.

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Very sorry to hear this.
Is it even legal to keep you there against your will? Can you get social services involved or demand the opinion of a third party? If you cancel your BUPA will they stop “treating” you?


Thanks for explaining things. Does your son have Power of Attorney? Are you not allowed to leave on your own free will?

This sounds like a truly awful situation for you.

And of course you are missing your beloved system it’s at times like this that you need that system.

Best wishes,


I’m not a member of, nor do I have any connection with, BUPA.

It’s the wretched local Social Services people (together with my son) who are responsible for me being where I am in the first place, so my presence here is no surprise to anyone.

I am hoping to get before a judge at some point soon to contest the ‘DOLLS’ order (which is ‘deprivation of liberty legislation’), so we shall see if I can do anything to escape the nightmare. I’m not holding my breath.


We are all rooting for you Graham.

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Yes, Dan, many years ago, I gave my son Power of Attorney (two, actually: one for health, the other for financial affairs). And it is those PoAs that he is using to screw up my health and financial affairs to keep me imprisoned here.

I hope that you will permit me a very wry smile when you use the phrase ‘free will’ - as I do not have that at all while I’m ‘banged up’.

I would, of course, walk out of the place if I could, but I am as well locked up in here as Fletcher ever was in Slade Prison.

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Knowing what you used to do, do you have a trusted lawyer on your side?

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I no longer trust a single fr*gging person in the world. And I never will again.

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Man, that’s an effed up situation.
I feel for you. I could never do that to my Dad.

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Well, soon he won’t be my son (legally speaking) any more, so that won’t be an issue for much longer.

It’s not how I would have chosen to treat my late father, but there you go.

William Shakespeare, as so often, had some pertinent observations on the point in ‘King Lear’.

Anyway, chaps, let’s get back on topic.


Thats a nice piece of kit. Just had a look and its £479 and weighs 13kg.

So a serious piece of kit.

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Not the very best choice. You need an additional decoupled level. Vibrations from the steel frame are passed on to the turntable unhindered. Bad engineering. For the LP12 (with Trampolin) a glass plate with aluminium spikes works really well, for the Rega an Isoacoustics Zazen is fine and for the Verdier a Project Ground-It platform is a good idea.