Turntable suggestions for new SN3

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"Last year I switched from a MM Linn Adikt to a high output moving coil (MC) [Dynavector].


This was primarily done to match the gain with my newly acquired Audio Research SP6 preamp–the Adikt’s output was too hot for the ARC phono stage and there was clipping. The change in sound from MM to MC was quite dramatic, as the MC has a much more detailed sound and faster response, to my ears. Tracking is cleaner, and there is less [surface]noise.

Maybe some rock records may have been more pleasant to listen to with the MM type cartridges, as they have a less 'delicate" sound.

I have never stepped (up) to the low output MC cartridge plan. As far as I can tell, it takes seriously big bucks to do it right. Not only is the cartridge (with a non replaceable [stylus] setting you back {{$900-5000}}, but because of the miniscule output, the electronics have to be first rate as well.

I have heard fantastic demo’s of low output MC cartridges with (appropriate electronics) in hifi shops. Perhaps someday I’ll take the plunge and go that route…

I don’t design cartridges, but have used a few.

I believe there’s a fundamental difference in impedances when you’re waving a tiny magnet (or magnet surrogate) around by a set of big coils and waving a tiny coil around in a comparatively huge magnetic field. My gut feeling from looking at the physical arrangements is that MC, particularly the low output MC, is fundamentally more linear over it’s movement range.

Both can work well, particularly at the middle price range (say $600-2000) but above that the {{MCs really rule.}}

What you get from an MC with a {{good preamp or step-up}} is a lot more audible bandwidth and for want of a better term, transient ‘snap’ - on everything you play.

What you also get is a mechanical trade-off - you fundamentally need the right arm and [turntable]
to handle all the energy created by MC cartridges tracking records. Sometimes this trade-off is too much for some users (increased comparative record wear, some reduced tracking headroom etc.)

But in a medium-high end system I’d not imagine using anything other than a MC for serious listening despite this. Non-MC cartridges just aren’t the same."

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Of course above the £4-500 mark MC carts are superior but in my experience below that figure the difference between MC, HOMC and MM are less clear swings and roundabouts really.


Learning in the 21st century requires one to navigate through the web and self-educate!

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As usual not always, there is a direct relationship between price and quality!

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I’m wanting low box count and am weighing up the following options:

  1. Trade in SN2 for SN3 then buy MM turntable. ClearAudio Concept perhaps.
    It’s tidy and keeps box count down. Going SN2 to SN3 isn’t great use of funds. (As people have said, now is the time to get a bargain SN2)

  2. Keep SN2 and buy phono stage. My father has given me his Garrard 401 which has been in his loft for 20 years. It will need more than a service - maybe replacing the plinth too. But its more boxes.

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@1GiantLeap. There are so many decks on the market at the moment that the buyer is spoilt for choice! At the Cranage show recently, I heard decks from Avid and Clearaudio making some lovely music in their respective systems, esp the Clearaudio in context, with an Exposure integrated and Larson speakers - nice and simple. Avid was a much more higher end deck and their new 6K integrated amp. Both looked exceptionally engineered and finished - esp the Clearaudio.

As well as the candidates mentioned by the forum bods, i’d consider waiting a couple of months for the pending Rega Planar 10. Speculating rom their past creations, I’d assume a plinth the same as the current Planar8, but with the better power supply, sub platter, ceramic platter and an evolution of the RB2000 arm. I’d want to listen to this before anything else, especially if the performance of the P8 if anything to go by.


So right…
The change over point seems to be after the 2M black … Which offers great performance for a fair price… Or get 95% of the blacks performance…With the 2M blue …For half the price

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I have a mental image of brown cardboard boxes of turntables being delivered to hi-fi shops. They have bright red stickers on them reading, ‘Now Supernait 3 ready!’


Not really a low box count option but more of a low power cable count option could be as I’ve done. Well Tempered TT/ Well Tempered DPS/ Dynavector P 75 Phono Stage. Only one main power cable to the DPS which then powers both the TT and Phono Stage. DPS and P75 are both small boxes. Still need two pairs of I/C’s though.


I don’t think you’d be disappointed with a Rega Planar 6 and MM cartridge.


London Decca on an Aro (on a Rock MK2 sans trough) works rather well into a stageline N, is the gain the same for the built in stages?
That still leaves the deck to find, I wonder if a Well Tempered could handle one.

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I’d imagine a Well Tempered arm might be ideal for a Decca London cartridge. A bigger question I would ask myself would be, “could I handle one as my only cartridge?”

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I admit I haven’t tried that, mine is spherical tipped, wired for mono and in my system in the south of France but given that, I’ve heard no mistracking even with stereo discs. It has however started picking up interference when the telly (or a computer) is on in the neighbouring flat. I’ll be checking the earth connection when we go back.

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The Deccas have an output of 5mV so they should be an ideal match with the XS3/SN3. I used a Decca Super Gold with Van den Hul stylus on a Alphason HR100S medium mass counterweight for years.

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Hi, if I was wise enough to buy a SN3 I would match it with a VPI Prime as already suggested by Allante93 even though his was a Signature.
I can confirm you that the standard Prime is already an excellent turntable. Mine is matched with a Stageline N+ Flatcap XS driving a Grado Reference Wood Sonata 2 and it sounds great.
Timing, firm bass and deep and stable imaging are really the main asset and that is why I consider it a good partner for a SN3.

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Hanna (e.g. M series) has some very nice options for HOMC cartridges, as does Dynavector (20x2H). My dealer pairs these with the Clearaudio Concept very nicely, and it doesn’t require anything but the SN3 built-in phonostage.

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The avid sigsum (if that was the amp being used) is the entry level (only!) integrated from avid, yours for £13k. I was very lucky to get a quick look around the factory with Conrad last year, their demo space (its more than a room) is huge and in a separate building to the main factory.


The Linn LP12 that fits your budget.


kuzma stabi s, vpi prime, rega planar 8.



I think it was the new 7K (thought it was 6K - sensory overload on the day!) Integra, and it was rather good. Well it should be for that price! I spoke to Conrad and he seemed very amenable, and when quizzed about the lack of dealers in the North West of the UK (there aren’t any) he stated that they were hoping to find an outlet soon, but in the meantime they had a very good demo room where I could book a session and he’d go through the options. Pretty impressive to be fair.

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Avid Diva II Sp with SME 309 and Nagaoka MP500