Turntable upgrade

I will be selling my CDS3 since it cannot be repaired by Naim. I have purchased a new Cyrus CDi XR as a replacement. I may upgrade my old but pristine B&O 1800 turntable with a MMC3 cartridge. My budget is $2K US and will be mating with a Stageline into my Nac 52. Any suggestions from the forum that will provide a clear upgrade?


Stageline N? Your room and flooring may dictate if you are wall mount or rack placement as well.

Have a listen to a Rega 3 with Neo power supply. Some like the Rega MM cartridges, some go in other direction. Rega 6 for a bit more$. Another option is to go to your local shops and see what they have in used or demo tables-you might be pleasantly surprised at what can be offered for the same price. I know that is hit and miss here in the States. Good luck.

You’ve got an amazing system with the triamped NBLs, and a $2,000 budget for a turntable sounds very low. Maybe it’s just for very occasional use, in which case it’s fine of course.

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For $2,000, I’d keep an eye out for a used Rega Planar 8 and stick a budget cartridge on there.

The Well Tempered decks come up at a reasonable price now and then and are very capable. They need a bit more setting up than Rega, which may be a good thing if you want to learn but maybe not if you just want plug and play, almost.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am retired and cannot justify more than $2K. I have only 350 albums vs 1300 cds. My Nak deck is completely refurbished and I have a good tuner as well. My goal is to better the B&O with a simple plug and play replacement. I will look at dealer demos but prefer to purchase new. My arthritis precludes fiddling with small parts. My Naim dealer carries Rega, so this will be the first step.

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