Turntable Upgrade

I now have a problem.Having only come to the Naim world in the last month,put together SN3,CDX2,Hicap DR,and ATC 40 speakers,the turntable I was very happy with,now is being outshone to the point where I feel an upgrade is inevitable.Considerable outlay as you can see already,so turntable is RP6 with Ortofon M2 Bronze,without spending a fortune,what’s the next step ,grateful for any advice.

RP8 with Apheta 2?

I spent some time listening to the Vertere DG-1 recently, it is a very high quality deck, really musical, available with a factory-fitted AT-AM250 I think for slightly more than the RP8.

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Assuming you intend to use the MM stage built into the SN3, your existing Ortofon Bronze on a Rega RP8 or RP10.

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If you have an RP6 (snap) and like what it does, then I guess the logical choice would be the new Rega high end turntable about to be launched (assume it to be the Planar 10, alongside the new Aethos integrated). There are numerous dealer launch events in the next few weeks so may be worth seeking out one of these demo days. Although, that new intro Vertere DG-1looks like an interesting design too (esp the arm).

Sorry should’ve said I’m using Rega Fono MM at the moment,on my dealers advice.

The Aria would be a better match for the system. Maybe try that before a new deck.

So we have two redundant phono stages here.
No need to keep the rega mm.
And as such please avoid customer loyalty ,look round and pick the best and not much of the same product.

Thanks all,will have to organise a decent auditioning session,with a view to trying other phono stages first,before switching decks,although having just read up on the Vertere DG1,it does sound interesting,as would going further up the Rega range.Assuming by the way,that arm upgrades to the RP6 isn’t the way to go,as no one so far has mentioned this route?

If you like Rega’s approach, sticking with Rega isn’t a bad idea. I got an RP-8/Apheta2/Aria setup, very slightly used, about 9 months ago and love it. I’d think that with your SN3, RP-8, RP-10 (there should be a bunch on the used market when the new “P10” launches) or P10 should be fabulous. A good late-model RP-10 will be a very good value. Same, still, with RP-8/Apheta2.

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Thanks Bart,I suppose that’s the sensible thing to do,wait and see what comes up used,or even ex demo model might be available,haven’t had anything to complain about with RP6,but within new set up,it sounds as if it’s lagging behind a bit,tried borrowing my friends Ortofon Black 2m cartridge,but that sounded ‘thinner’ than my Bronze,thanks everyone again for help!

Same thing happened to me when I bought a CD5x and then a 282, my vinyl replay now sounded grey. Replacing the 20 year old Michell iso with a superline didn’t cure it, but replacing the 25 year old RB300 did. The arm I replaced it with isn’t available any more and I wasn’t using a Rega turntable anyway. You’re probably looking at a TT and arm package and there’s a wealth of choice out there. Certainly include the higher Rega offerings and with a new deck imminent there might be a few turning up second hand soon. Also have a listen to Well Tempered if you have a dealer who knows what he’s doing and the design doesn’t freak you out, there are plenty of other options too.

Yeti, the past Well Tempered tt were very good. I was watching with envy the W T Reference some 15 years ago.
But today they are made in China and they look very strange. But not heard the last.

An RP10 might be just the thing. I’m looking forward to seeing how Rega are going to better it with any forthcoming Planar 10 or 12, because right now its very hard to see (and hear) how; I’m finding it just so much fun, so engaging. It gives me goosebumps every time I spin an LP.

Of course the Apheta 2 and Superline are a great help too…


Thanks Richard/Guys,the RP10 is definitely on my audition list,off to the dealer next weekend,fingers crossed!

Have you tried the SN3’s stage? It’s possible you could be pleasantly surprised.

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Have you gone from the LP12 to Rega Richard?

I’m coming from a P9/Atheta 1 & fancy going the opposite direction just for change (LP12 was a dream deck when I started out) but then that Planar 10 doesn’t seem too far away now so maybe I’m best holding on?

I have at least four LP12s of different ages and specs but only one in fairly regular use. I still have the Garrard 401 too. I’m probably guilty of ignoring them though, as the Rega has proved not only so utterly engrossing, but also totally fuss free. All I did was double check the cartridge bolt torque with the rather cool little Rega torque driver about a year ago, and that’s it! It has been consistently brilliant and just allows me to stick on an LP at the end of the day without any unnerving second guessing as to whether something’s not quite right or needs adjustment or attention. It thrills every time, without fail.


absolutely agree. I have the rp10 too and it’s very satisfying to know that there’s nothing to adjust, check, or upgrade. Top notch performance and fuss free.

I’d really try to NOT buy an RP10 new right now. Unless you can get a good discount. New ones will have to be discounted once its replacement has launched.