Turntable Without Tonearm

I bought recently a completely refurbished ARO tonearm, intending to keep it for ‘cannibalisation’ in case anything goes wrong with the ARO fitted to my LP12.

It occurs to me that it would be fun to mount it on something like a Technics SL1200, using a ‘spare’ Dynavector XX2MkII that I have, using a Nait 50 and Falcon LS3/5A loudspeakers…

But I can’t find an ‘armless’ Technics (or any other) turntable currently for sale at an affordable price. (I thought that Luxman might have something in their range, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.)

I’m aware of decks like the Garrard 301 and 401, but they are far too expensive for what is meant as a budget project. And I want something simpler to set up and maintain than (another) LP12.

Does anyone have any bright ideas?

Just buy the entire turntable plus arm and replace the arm. You’ll need a blank armboard but they’re available on ebay.

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Thanks for that, it’s very helpful.

The problem is that I would not be able to make the necessary adjustments to the blank armboard to fit the ARO. I think that it’s best that I speak to Audio T here in Brighton, to see if they can do that.

The old Technics SL-150 Mk2 was supplied with a pair of armboards, one pre-drilled, usually for an SME mount, and one blank that you could drill yourself (relatively easy as the armbands were wood). Being made of wood also meant that making up extra armboards was relatively straightforward. You could also buy a motor-only version called the SP-15, with a dedicated plinth, or you could just make your own. For more money there was the SP-10, a version of which is still available today, albeit for rather a lot of money!

picture of SL-150 Mk2 courtesy of Zstereo.

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Perhaps use the second Aro on your present LP12 but fitted with a mono cartridge for playing old mono records?


Thank you, Richard, that is exactly what I’m looking for, but I think that that model has been discontinued. I think that I need to go into Audio T for a chat.

Yes, the SP-10 was a monster - did it have an obsidian (or similar) plinth?

If you’re fond of Japanese decks, Luxman do armless turntables with multiple arm plates. Or you can pick up a second hand Luxman with an arm and easily remove it and get the suitable plate to use with the Aro. That said, I think I’d rather have the arm the Luxman’s ship with.

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Maybe a second hand Roksan Xeres second hand. Around 1k euros.

I have searched, but cannot find a currently available Luxman turntable without tonearm.

If anyone knows where I might find one, I’d be very grateful to know.

The PD-171AL was only discontinued a short while back. It should be possible to track one down. The AL stands for ArmLess.

The SP-10 came with or without a plinth. You could also look for a Sony TTS-3000 - a very good turntable for less money.

That’s very helpful, and kind of you to take the trouble.

I have sent an e-mail to the company, and hope to hear back soon.

The PD-171 AL looks perfect for my intended use (with NAIT50 and Falcon LS3/5As) in a bedroom system, which would not be suitable for a suspended chassis TT such as the LP12.

Let’s hope that they still have some available.

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Can one get a Phonosophie set up for bring your own Aro?

Owning 2 Aros is just being greedy. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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A Phonosophie would be wonderful, but they are in the hen’s teeth order of rareness. I tried to find one a few years ago, before upgrading my Linn LP12, but couldn’t track one down. I think that there was a dealer in Winchester, but I couldn’t find one for sale.

As I recall, the Phonosophie was Julian Vereker’s personal choice of turntable, and he even went so far as to design a power supply for it -the P3, was it (similar to the Armageddon)?

But they are strange, mythical beasts, and I never succeeded in finding one.

Winchester HiFi - list Phonosophie amongst the turntables they sell. I have to admit to finding the public image of their turntables strange, i.e. the Phonosophie website isn’t the easiest to navigate and glean information from, but if you’re interested then I might start by contacting that dealership. No idea if there’s a used possibility from them, or only new.

There are a few dealers/commercial outfits out there who specialise in Technics mods. If you really want to explore the possibility of mounting your Aro on one it might be worth contacting them, Ammonite Audio and Time Step Electronics are two examples.

Apologies if I’m overstepping forum rules, I won’t post links but they’re easily searchable.


Thank you for both of those suggestions, gth.

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Apart from talking to a Technics specialist, you could prep at eBay. An SME10 for £2400 looks great value, and there are Well Tempered, Thorens, Avid and Clearaudio options too.

Mind you, my impression has always been that an aro is 100% built to suit an LP12. Putting it on a different deck, particularly one with stiff suspension or no suspension, looks a bit surprising to me. The best turntable to hold your second Aro is surely a second LP12….


I want to be able to plonk the TT down on a table in my bedroom next to the bed, and the LP12’s floating subchassis is not well suited to that.

The Technics SL-1500C (which does without the speed variation slider of the SL-1200) looks pretty much ideal, but it is not sold without a tonearm.

So the questions are whether the standard Technics tonearm can be removed and whether the (available) blank armboard can be machined to fit the ARO. Pre-drilled armboards for the Technics deck are sold for Linn tonearms, but not for the ARO.

(I have acquired an ‘as new’ spare ARO already, ready to fit.)