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I am just interested to no why Rega p9 tt is not mentioned much. is it not a popular tt among naim users. I know its an old tt but so is the Lin Lp 12

Ah, the LP12 is still in production and has a very close ( historic) relationship with Naim , also the ability to upgrade has meant many Naim users happily upgraded their LP12 .
In fact Naim made power supplies and a superb arm for the LP12. These days you see a wide range of Rega turntables on the various threads. In fact I had a Rega 3 for several years with a Naim Classic system
I am sure many Naim users have the RP9 , but it is very much plug, fit and forget.

I was not aware naim made tonearms for Lin lp12
I did not no naim had such a close association with linn
thanks you

To be clear, the ‘relationship’ aspect ceased many years ago - there’s no association now and Naim no longer make a tonearm for the LP12 although many would like them to resurrect production of their ARO arm.

Well the aro has been well and truly resurected…just not by naim
And a very nice arm the javelin is to.

Or the Nima for that matter.

Another fine unipivot…and cheaper than the javelin too

I almost went for a second hand decent spec LP12, but after listening to a new rega P8, I decided that the rega had a lot going for it. Plus I wouldn’t have the problem of the next want/ must have upgrade that comes with LP12 ownership


Word elsewhere on the web is that Tiger Paw have become very hard to contact by dealers that represent them, so not entirely sure it is still available.

Oh, yes. I remember, I have one. It’s so old it has the original RB900 arm not the later 1000.

I meant with the users, though (it is reported) the companies fell out about the ARO - which is of course one of the most widely regarded Linn fit arms of all time

It is not a “Linn fit” tonearm, even if most commonly fitted to an LP12. :wink:

We are being picky here!
It came with a linn arm board …so you could argue it is linn fit… although it could be used on many other decks (though seldom is)

It is a different armboard than what you would use with a Linn arm, though, even if it was made by Linn. Likewise, there were also Linn armboards for SME and Rega mount tonearms.

I’d argue the phrase “Linn fit” suggests it uses the same mount as a Linn tonearm, which it didn’t, but it may be more precision than is required for this. The thing seems to have been developed with mounting to an LP12 in mind, in any case.

As I say…we are being picky!


Rega P9 User here :slight_smile:
Good as it is, I found some worthwhile tweaks:
The P9 responds to the shelf it´s placed upon, Naim Fraim glass + cups and balls brings good results in the context of my system.
The white belts are an upgrade compared to the black ones.
I´ve played around with different mats and found the Oyaide BR-12 to bring very good results.
And just recently I found that even the power cord on the P9 PSU can make a difference.

I absolutely love the look of the P9 and the ease of use, for me this is the blueprint of what a turntable should look like.

Yet sometimes I wonder what I´m missing and if other turntables could bring significant better results?

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At a higher cost and with a lot more fiddling with setup. Rega have ease of use nearly sorted, only the bias calibration is a bit iffy and most arms don’t have a scale there anyway.

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