I want to connect a turntable to my uniti
Cannot find directions how to do this
Any help gratefully received

Which Uniti do you have?

You’ll need an appropriate phono stage - If it’s an original then you you can power a Naim Stageline via the AUX2 input - otherwise you can input via any of the analogue inputs.

I’ve never actually tried this myself, but input sensitivity can be configured and one of the options is specified as 0.5V. Does that mean you can use it without a phono stage? (MM, MI or high output MC)

No, the phono stage serves more than one purpose. Not only does it boost a very low level signal, but it also does riaa equalisation. Which lowers bass and raises high frequencies during recording and reverses that during playback.

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As Benjy explains above, a cartridge requires not just a lot of amplification to get it up to line level, but also equalisation and filtration. The latter will either normally be to RIAA or IEC standard.

I actually did know that. No idea what happened to my brain when I was typing that.
Thanks for correcting.

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There are a few turntables with built in phono stages, usually at the lower end of the companies range but that doesn’t necessarily mean cheap and cheerful in all cases. SME don’t do cheap for instance.

I’m glad it’s not just me n-lot… :wink:

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I have a uniti 2.
I am overwhelmed with the comments so far! So many thanks

Hi Richard,

I’ve often read you write about aux2. Are you referring to the aux line input on the back of the pre?

I have a NAC52 and I’m using the aux input to connect a DAC as that’s the furthest the cable reaches. Is this connection fine?

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The Aux2 input on the NAC52 as well as the more recent pre-amps is either a regular line input or a powered input, ideal for connecting a Naim phono stage.

Using Aux for your DAC should be fine.


Thank you Richard. Sorry to pose this question here but as it’s a relatively brief one I shall.

I’ve recently purchased a Rega p9 and I was looking to connect to the NAC52 (2002). I believe it will likely have the K or S MC boards.

Which cartridge would be a suitable match? I don’t want to spend more than about £3-500. Would an Ania impedance be a good suit for the boards?

For that budget I would probably look at one of the new ATOC9XMLs. The P9 is a fast and clean sounding deck so you should choose a cart that will make the most of that. Either boards should work fine with the AT, although hard to say which would be optimal without comparing.

Re, the Ania, it likely needs a low loading (100R), and really I’d be trying to stretch to the Ania Pro or Apheta with their more sophisticated styli.


Would I need to adjust VTA for that cart?

I don’t know.

Thank you Richard. Can anyone offer any advice regarding a cart for the p9 that will work with the built in boards on the NAC52 please

It could be a good idea to start a new thread - something along the lines of “Recommendations for an MC cart for a Rega P9 into a NAC52”…

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