TV connection failed

Strange days …
This morning the connection between my Sony TV to NDS was working fine, returning from the pub it failed. Before I fork out for a new optical cable is there any other fault checks I should do?

The TV was bought within the last couple of weeks, the optical cable is a few years old but has worked well before. The TV only has an optical out, although my old one had an analogue output which fed into a 52.

Have you tried powering both down and then back up again?

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I connected my QB Mk1 to my Sony TV. Initially it didn’t work, then it did work, but sometimes it didn’t work.

I’d recommend you retrace your steps. Go to the pub for a couple of hours; check if it’s working when you get home. :innocent:


I’d follow Richard’s advice and power down both devices down and back up again. Unless the dog has chewed through it or you’ve accidentally crushed it, optical cables tend not to fail for no reason.

Thanks for your sage advice @Richard.Dane and @james_n - I’ve done as suggested and checked the cable (red light) so I fear something amiss between NDS and 52. I will now take @Fatcat advice and adjourn to the pub or at least pour myself another glass of wine and try again tomorrow. Cheers.


Is it just the TV that’s not working ? If not the check you’ve not had the NDS switch output from DIN to RCA.

Toslink connection can be flaky sometime. Presumably no other cable available to check?. I have Sony to ndx2 and is fine

Mea culpa … lunch time session addled my brain. I had forgotten that I had played a track before setting out to the pub. Whilst walking the dog this morning I recalled playing the track I had heard on desert island disks so all I needed to do was switch inputs.

Apologies for the false trail, and thanks for the suggestions.



Sadly the problem has reoccurred. This time I’ve rebooted offending items, checked the app, but still no sound.

Before I scramble behind the Fraim to check the cable is ok, what other options do I have to connect my tv to a preamp? Am I looking at an HDMI connection and hence a new preamp?

I’d check the output setting on the TV is still correct. Does the NDS show anything on its screen (such as 48kHz) when the digital input 3 you’ve got the TV connected to is selected ?

The NDS shows the digital channel from the Naim app.
It appears that the digital audio out volume had been set to zero. I thought that this was just for PCM as I don’t think I used it before, and the digital audio out is now set to PCM rather than the auto options that compress the audio signal.

I think there had been a power cut or something caused a reset. Thanks for the recommendation to check settings

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