TV connection via Tosli nk

Hi I recently purchased an nds my first venture into streaming, I cannot see anything in the instruction manual, but have read somewhere that I can connect my TV (samsung) to my system via the Toslink on my nds obviously I have to configure the tv for Toslink output, but how do I find the output on the nds, don’t have a remote but are useing the app on iPad, I am knocking on 70 and struggle to understand the forums, at times but having some successes may inspire me!
Thanks for your help in advance.

Seagull - Toslink will be on digital input 3 of the NDS. Just make sure it’s enabled. Go to the set up menu and then select inputs and make sure Digital 3 is enabled.

See section 4 and section 4.3.4 here in the manual

Check the TV digital output is set to PCM stereo out.

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Yes, as James says it’s the TV output that you need to configure. Set the audio output to PCM.
The NDS has several digital inputs which should be visible in the app (unless you have disabled them in the Settings menu). One of these will be the Toslink optical input you are using. Once you have found which one it is you can rename it TV if it helps.

You’ll need an optical cable from your tv to the NDS. And your tv needs the appropriate optical output. Assuming it’s a recent model it should have.

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