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Using Samsung TV with soundbar, would using ARC imput on Nova to TV be beneficial to sound ? Any tips or advice appreciated cheers

IMHO it depends on your soundbar, speakers, preferences and everything. My setup would easily let me use the speakers, but I quickly went back to the soundbar after trying. For my TV habits, the system was just too much, and speech intelligibility was also worse (although no issues with vocals in music). The soundbar (which is not a poor one either, though) is much more relaxing.

I’d think differently if I watched a lot of concerts or other music on TV, I suppose.

I use nova with ATC scm 11 and find it works well. I think it will depend on your speakers and room. The ATC are infinite baffle, which I find work well on speech.

Just connected up, just a hissing noise coming from NSats changed to pcm on tv still no luck any advice please , cheers

Disable multichannel/surround output

Thank you

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I use my Atom for my TV and it sounds awesome. Just a case of trying I suppose.


Do you have a satellite dish :satellite: and Sky Box ?

If so I would use the digital audio output into the Nova and bypass the TV for audio.



I play my Panasonic TV through a Nova into Focal Aria 926s. I find the results really great - crystal clear vocals, good stereo imaging/soundstage and full range powerful sound. (I have another AV system with a Monitor Audio Bronze speaker set driven by an up to date but lowish priced Denon AV receiver. Although it has real surround sound, the Nova stereo set up is a far better sound and removes the unintelligible movie mumbling dialogue issue present on so many modern films.) I use an HDMI from the TV ARC into the Nova. I was advised by my dealer its better than using an optical link from the Sky Q mini box as it avoids any lip synch issues.


I use the optical output from my LG tv into my Nova with no lip synch issues. The HDMI connection was fine but there is a lot of competition for the HDMI sockets on my tv!

Good point. I think the key here is take audio by whatever means from tv to nova , if possible, rather than source to Nova. I probably could have saved myself some pennies by taking your approach as a decent 5m HDMI is both expensive and harder to route.

I’d say there is no more need to spend a lot of money on an HDMI cable that there is on an optical cable. In both cases you can buy a perfectly decent one for very little money.

There are some HDMI issues with the uniti series. Mine worked perfectly for 6 months then after the last software update it stopped working properly and I haven’t been able to use it since. Now I use the optical.

I’ve had the same HDMI issues Mark, again since the last update. It works but the volume control is variable at best and useless at worst. Also do have some lip sync variations too. Optical was fine, I just wanted the additional volume control…
Samsung tv here.

Yeah it’s a bit of a pain. My wife loved this feature when we first got it. Mine will connect but I get no volume control from the TV remote. It just makes it unusable. Naim said that they thought it was my TV software update but I am not convinced.

I reported the issue to Naim as requested by @Naim.Marketing at the time detailing the issues.
Naim support replied asking me for the exact same details I had already provided. It does appear Naim are exceptionally busy, and support for all customers must be really difficult but it is a shame the functionality is not correct on what is, after all, not a cheap bit of kit.
Nova is a lovely unit, I really enjoy the streaming aspect and the occasional vinyl spin but the tv is used often and the volume thing does annoy me.

I used my Panasonic TV on the HDMI arc with my Mu-So with very little problems. When I got the Nova in early May I had to cobble 2 HDMI leads together with a connector to make a lead long enough while I sorted out the final positioning. This threw up small issues on a regular basis. I changed the cable to a regular 5m HDMI v2.0 and have no problems in the last few weeks. The HDMI does have lip sync adjustment.
The implementation of the HDMI standard seems to be varied to say the least. I have heard that Samsung seem to be the most problematic and Panasonic one of the better ones. I think it is a bit harsh to lay this at Naims’ door, when it seems to be more of a issue for the TV manufacturers and their implementation of HDMI. The AV forums are littered with people have soundbar issues with HDMI arc implementation.

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They need to know. Otherwise they can’t improve the product. My praise for the Atom on these pages and on YouTube easily outweighs the negatives I have mentioned. :+1:t2:

It does seem that there are more issues with Samsung tv’s than others, although in my case the problem definitely worsened after the last update. I’m not trying to lay this at Naim’s door, just outline the issues I’ve experienced is all.
There are a lot of Samsung tellys out there!

Yes, and Samsung has been known to break HDMI ARC with their updates, see e.g.

Search the forum for Samsung HDMI brings up lots of similar stuff

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