TV optical out to NDS and AV systems

I last wrote about this in 2019, and I’m a little wiser. But I have two issues: first, I can’t get sound into my system, and second I need to decide whether to use my AV system or a direct sat cable to me tv.

I had a new tv installed today that only has an optical output. I dugout my old toslink cable and connected it to my NDS. Sadly there is no sound. My plan is to test the cable with an optical input to a Unitiqute. But I’m confused by what button to select on my 52: the CD or Aux? Neither works.

The change in tv came about because my Humax sat box failed. Or rather the connection to my tv over my LAN failed. The signal from the Humax goes to a Wyrestorm AV switch then on to a Wyrestorm receiver and onto the tv via a hdmi cable.

For the new TV to be connected to the sat I think I can either run a cable from the aerial amplifier to the TV or try to get the Wyrestorm system working. My aerial chap arrives next week.

Has anyone got any advice, particularly about AV systems

Did you enable the digital input (3) on the NDS ?

How is the optical output configured on the TV?
If it is set to anything other than 2 Channel Stereo, the NDS may not be able to decode it?


As SB1911 advises above, check the output of the TV is set to 2 channel PCM and not a multichannel bitstream. The NDS uses 2 channel DACs that can’t decode a multichannel digital signal.


Thanks @james_n i had forgotten to do that. I assume it’s digital #1 as indicated in the manual? However, I get no sound out of inputs 1 and 2 and just static out of number 3, which says on the app that the digital signal is locked.

Thanks @SB1911 and @Richard.Dane for the reminder to check the tv setup. I’ve selected:
Speakers: audio system
TV centre speaker: mode off
Audio system priority: external speakers
Home theatre control: off
Sound mode: auto sync
A/V sync: auto
eARC: off
Digital audio out: PCM
Pass through mode: off

It’s digital 3 for Toslink. As you’re getting a ‘static’ noise on this input (which shows you’re getting a signal and the NDS has locked to the bitstream) are you sure the TV is set to PCM2.0 as suggested above ?

When through the TV set up from scratch again. No evidence to the version of PCM.
Then updated the firmware, which John Lewis chaps did yesterday, it took maybe 5 minutes. Any way turned it off and restarted - still static.

Repeated turn off and checked the settings. Don’t know what I did but it works - relieved. I suppose it’s just another computer that needs rebooting.

Thanks for everyone’s help @SB1911 and @Richard.Dane.


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