TV power supply problem

I have a Sony TV which has a seperate power brick. The TV picture is a bit dark and I am thinking the power supply might be failing.
The rating of the power supply is 19.5v.
With no load I am measuring 20v and under load this is dropping to 18V.

Should I get a new one?

I have the same but only ever had the settings change on their own when the set got an auto software update.
I just went through my settings and all was good and made a note of the settings. :+1:t2:

These are OK numbers

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Thanks Mike

Worth checking that the brightness is set to Max. When I got my Sony TV, this wasn’t the default, which is presumably a power saving option. However whilst I love saving energy, it rather defeats the object of having a decent TV if you are going to then dumb it down.

Imagine if Naim had a button that reduced Sound Quality by 10% but saved 20% energy - I’m sure no-one would select it.

If you’re saying the picture is a bit dark from out the box then please realise that every telly needs to be set up to owners preferred settings.
If it has suddenly gone dark then I posted previously what to do you might have missed it.
Glad to help. :roll_eyes:

This is a 2016 TV that hasn’t had a firmware upgrade in a few years and has recently gone a little bit off. I have adjusted brightness and backlight, which has improved the picture to a watchable level but I think it might be on its end run.

Here are my settings to try.
It’s not that old. :thinking:

Back -9

Contrast -95

Bright -50

Colour - 33

Temp -cool

sharpness -50

Smooth grad - off


Wide Zoom

auto - on

4.3def- wide zoom

Disp -normal
Mine is full LED.

I’m not familiar with that TV, but as it’s 2016, it’s possibly not LED, in which case the backlight may be fading a bit.

Thanks for the replies.
I managed to track down a copy of the service manual. At 18v the power supply is on its lower limit and I think it is on its way out, a new power supply has been ordered and hopefully this will solve the problem

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