TV sound - Uniti Star

I want to use the HDMI input on my Uniti Star. If I look at current Roku streamers, the basic choice is between a small box connected to the television HDMI input, or a USB stick which plugs directly into the tv and obviates the need for an HDMI cable. Which of these solutions is likely to produce the best sound ? A directly plugged in stick seems simpler, but I wonder if a box with its own power supply and more interior space for a pcb will have superior processing power with regard to the audio signal. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

The Star input is HDMI ARC, so you should use an HDMI ARC port on your TV to connect to it, with the TV output set to PCM stereo.
Alternatively you can use an optical cable. This lacks the convenience of automatic input switching and use of the TV remote volume that you get with HDMI, but can be more reliable with some TVs.

Thanks Chris. I have framed my question rather badly. I want to ensure that the hdmi audio signal sent to my Star is as good as it can be. To that end I am interested in the best tv streaming devices with regards to audio. For example, the Apple tv box has an optional ethernet connection whilst almost all others use Wifi. Does that suggest better audio quality ?

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