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My wife doesn’t listen to much music other than a byproduct of being in the room with me. So the investment in my latest kit didn’t make much of an impression other when she found out the cost - ‘how much!’ However, she does watch tv and she has said the sound on tv dramas is often excellent and really adds to her enjoyment of the programme. I find it difficult to keep up as there are so many twists and turns that I literally lose the plot.

However, when I hear and feel through my feet and chest a deep rumbling subterranean bass I know that something really bad is going to happen and can re-tune in. Apart from pipe organ not much of my music goes this low. So I may not fully enjoy the plots but I do like the music and sound effects.

Happy Christmas :christmas_tree:

Same here.
Watching Eastenders with the distant roar of the underground line going past near the arches.
Then Emmerdale with an outdoors scene and hearing the sheep and pigs.

Merry Christmas.

I don’t know if people know this tip but the BBC will sometimes show the programme on the iPlayer in UHD. For instance ‘The Girl Before’ which is on tonight in regular HD on the BBC HD channel but if you go to the iPlayer you can watch it in much better picture quality, if you have reasonable internet connection.

Interesting, I will check it out via iPlayer.

Also, any recommendations out there, or comments about, Sound Bars for TVs?


The AV2 works excellent. Some productions are really well done and that adds certainly to the enjoyment. We also have a subscription to the Digital Concert Hall and we watch concerts every now and then as a family or a subset of it.

Looking forward to the new Mandalorian episodes which I watch with the teenagers.

Oh, we still need to add a sub.

Q Acoustics TV2 speakers.

Hi Richard,

If all you want is an improvement over the normal flatscreen speakers, I can recommend these, which attach to the telly using the wall mount fixing positions. There’s left and right speakers, and the central box contains a sub woofer.

Not stunning hi fi sound, but still very good, and since they’re no longer made, they can be picked up for peanuts on the usual auction site. (Which is where I found this picture).

Interesting and thanks.

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