TV through NDX - poor SQ

I’m using a Sky+hd box with an AudioQuest cinnamon optical cable to my Ndac.
I would say I am more than thrilled with the sound.
Although compared to my Unitiserve with Nordost Heimdall mk2 BNC digital cable into my Ndac…The comparison is like comparing a budget turntable against a fancy high end turntable.
I really wouldn’t expect otherwise.

Thanks, I’ve toggled between the various options, but tbh it’s not making that much difference.

There is not a Toslink on the Nait, but there is RCA and ability for a/v bypass. It would require a new cable, so a consideration- thank you

TBH I didn’t notice any difference when I changed mine. I’m putting the sound through 2 channels so I’m not sure the various options make much difference.

The only settings I’ve really changed were the picture ones which made it much less of that intense artificial look and the time delay to get sound and pictures in sync.

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Hi Andy - The AV bypass function is really for when you are integrating an AV system in with a Hi-Fi system, using the Hi-Fi for the front L&R channels. It requires a source that can control the volume. In this sort of setup, the volume control for the whole system in AV bypass mode would be the AV processor.

Given the choice of a digital output fed into the NDX vs RCA from the TV (or set top box) straight into the amp, I’d take the digital output. It’s likely to sound much better via the DAC in the NDX and you avoid possible hum issues that can occur when you start to plumb in AV kit.


James, thank you for this information. I’m content to remain with the digital via the NDX as you suggest. As the TV is not between the speakers (room constants) I will use the sound via the Hi Fi occasionally, therefore using the Canton sound box/bar for majority, although speech is far clearer via hi fi.

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The sound from my TV (a 2012 Panasonic Plasma 42") is routed via an optical cable to my Naim DAC and from there to my Supernait 3. The sound is pretty good, certainly better than the TV’s, which ain’t too shabby to start with!

Thanks - The sound via Soundbar or though the hi fi is far better than the tv. The tv is mounted across the corner, so does not benefit from the rear wall reinforcement of bass.

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