TV to ND5 XS2

I’m struggling to connect my Sony Bravia TV and get sound. I have ND5 XS 2 plus Supernait 3 and Hi-Cap. It seems I need an optical cable to one of the digital inputs on the steamer but if anyone can help a total novice I would really appreciate. Thank you

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You’ll most likely need an optical TOSLINK cable. Check the output socket type on the Sony TV just in case it’s a 3.5mm jack as opposed to the regular TOSLINK connector.

Also a good idea to then mute the TV speakers, and worth checking in the TV’s menu system that any surround/Dolby etc settings are off for the digital output, the ND5 XS2 will probably not like anything other than 2 channel stereo

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I would do as G T Hack says, this is a not infrequent request, if your TV is set for cinema mode it will produce five channels of sound, so it needs to be set in the menu to stereo

And yes, my BluRay player caught me in the same way. So please don’t feel intimidated - it is solvable

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An alternative if you have a tv box like sky or virginmedia you can connect via optical to that.

I have a Sony Bravia connected to NDX via a Toslink.
Don’t go mad over the Toslink, they are all much the same, but IME the metal Toslink plugs are more secure fitting than plastic, sensible prices are £10’sh from your favourite www store.

I’ve had two Bravia’s, and I agree with everything Mike just said. No setting changes needed on the TV. Turn volume down instead of mute, as mute may leave a mute icon in the corner, although I tend to leave the TV on low volume as I find it helps the clarity of voices.

I do the same with volume, but I find that it’s 50/50 to sound better with a low volume or down to #1.

You will also need to activate the optical input in the Naim app so it appears on your home screen.

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