TV Transmission Masts a problem for Naim systems?

Yesterday’s property viewing has complicated the matter even more for me in that, transmission mast aside, in most other ways the house is ideal, especially the lovely views over the coast from the front. The location seems to be regarded as one of the more ‘desirable’ in the area.
The aerial mast is to the side of the property, and isn’t in view from the house, being blocked off by the neighbouring property. Unfortunately it does loom large when you’re in the rear garden or looking towards the front of the property from across the street. I’m still trying to work out if I could live with that.
But back to hifi issues. Are there any measures that can be taken to fix any of the potential issues it might cause to the Naims? I assume that mains conditioners, and similar technologies are still a big no-no?

Screened interconnects and possibly consideration of RF loaded from the likes of DMC or similar.
Possibly want to try and avoid parallel run speaker cable like NACA5.
Of course you may find you are totally fine with what you have.
But there is really not much else you realistically do if you do have issues other than build a Faraday cage.
I suspect given the frequencies and power you will be ok for hifi.

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Thanks Simon. That’s useful to know.
I’ll bear all of this in mind as I grapple with the decision; “To buy, or not to buy. That is the question”.

Dear Swanny,

If you were an amateur radio operator, I would have some concerns, though they would be very minor.

You will be right mate, except for the eyesore.

Kick back and enjoy your music. All products these days have to be EMC compatible, and so do all transmitters.

Job is right and enjoy life. The resale value of the property would be my only concern. Everybody is RF-sensitive these days.

Warm regards,


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You could always go back, wearing an aluminium foil cap, and carrying a meter wired to show the needle jumping around near full scale, and negotiate a substantial drop in price to reflect the extra measures you’ll have to put in place to live there, and negligible future resale value… :joy:

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