Two 24V power outputs

Naim Hicap DR , so where is the second output ?

On the back?
This guide explains how it can be used

It’s not the initial wiring I have a problem with, it just states that it has two 24V outputs and I can only see one

Socket 4 has 2x24v outputs, which you would use eg with a 282,

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No worries , that’s cleared that up. I just assumed that there would be two power outputs to power two components that’s all. Thank you for your help


Cheers rob, it gets confusing lol


The Hicap is a dual rail supply so outputs 2 x 24V DC via the DIN5 socket. However, it can only power one item at any one time.

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Is there any difference when connecting to power amp (250DR in my case) between 1,2,3 sockets?

On a current Hicap, no, they are all stereo in/outs. Only thing is that it’s probably good practice to minimise signal path lengths, so usually best to connect to the nearest in/out socket to the DIN5.

On early Hicaps (up to '93), Socket 3 had a single rail 24V DC output on it, so best avoid that one when connecting to take signal to a power amp.

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an Hicap CB:

  • Socket 3: 1x24V
  • Socket 4: 2x24V

I didn’t pay attention to that, my NAXO was powered by Socket4, and the other socket 3 was plugged to my 52. Based on your remark I used now the socket2 to the 52 instead of socket3.

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