Two questions about streaming Internet radios

Good evening, guys.
I know these questions have already been dealt with before, but I’m not able to improve my situation any further.
Scenario: Naim Mu-so Qb first generation, latest firmware available (2.0.0).
I’m trying to stream, through the vtuner website, a radio that’s never been available on the Naim app, Radio Capital from Italy.
The url I’m trying to play is this one:
This playlist (that’s what it is in the end) “plays” perfectly on my Mac but is absolutely mute on the Mu-so.
Following what had been written in a previous post, I’m playing it as a aac file but nothing changes.
Quite frustrating, I have to say.
Second question: in case I wanted to upload a logo for this brand new station, is there a particular format (png, jpeg, gif) and/or size of the image I’m going to use?
Thank you very much.

Does the 1st gen Qb have Chromecast? If it does you can use an app like VLC on a phone and send the stream straight to it

Hi, elver, no, it doesn’t have Chromecast support but I can use Airplay and it works.
I just wanted to fix this problem the “old” way.

Paging @Stevesky ……

It is the m3u8 playlist format that is causing the problem I suggest. Often they have a mixture of video (incl. images/info/advertising) and audio (is that what plays on your Mac?) and require a codec that can handle “mp4a” etc. Most radio and other playlists are .m3u or .pls.

I can play your URL in the Serviio MediaBrowser which (also handles video) but not when I select it as radio on my streamer. The pain-in-the-backside BBC also use .m3u8 for their HD radio stations instead of flac like everyone else (these then need special/different handling).

Yes, Paul, I think it’s the format of the playlist. On my Mac mpv plays the audio part of it without any problem, but mpv (like VLC) is a world apart.
I got the url from a radio service provider by simply analysing the source code of the webpage that was playing the stream.
Something similar happened using Roon in my browser: nothing changed either, probably for the same reason I explained earlier (the url, in this case, is:
To be honest, this radio decided out of the blue to “delete” its official stream url, which means you can only listen to it using the official website, its own app (on mobile devices) or a specific aggregator (Radioplayer in this case).
I’m too lazy for trying to sniff the packets in order to get the address of the proper mp3 that is being played live. lol

In the end I was able to get this thing sorted: I opened the web page of the radio on the Radioplayer platform, chose to inspect the code and I found an url, relating to a mp3 stream, with something like icecast inside of it.
The url was quite long, no extension at the end of it.
I copied and pasted it onto the vtuner webpage, selecting aac as the type of stream/file and… voila, it worked!
Anyway, thanks the same, guys, for your help! :wink: :wink: :wink:

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