Two streamers, two tablets, Can I pair them?

Basically I have two naim streamers (first generation NDX and ND5XS) and I have two Samsung tablets.
Is there any way I can set things up so that Tablet-1 just sees Streamer-1 and similarly for Tablet-2? At present I keep getting sent back to the main menu where I have to pick a streamer. Ideally I would like to associate a tablet with just one streamer and leave it in the same room as the streamer.
I suspect it’s impossible to do.

You may need to set up a second network and give it a different SSID.
Connect one streamer and tablet to this separate network.

I think if I set up a second network the NAS (with my music) could only be on one network so I would need two NAS’s.
But ideally I would like a solution that does not involve more hardware (my network is not great at the moment in that the App keeps losing connections and I have to send ping commands to the streamers).
But thanks for the suggestion. Appreciated.

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Two streamers, two tablets, Can I paid them
Two streamers, two tablets, Can I pair them

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If you have fixed IP addresses for everything, the simplest thing to do will be to add firewall rules to your WiFi router that block traffic between Streamer A and Tablet B and also block traffic between Streamer B and Tablet A.

Good suggestion. Thanks. I will investigate.

How about setting up vlans?

You could setup 2 IP Subnets and create a specific Static Route between them. This should mean you can have the NAS on Subnet “A” but still be able to reach it from either Subnet (A or B) thus seperating the streamers but allowing for a shared NAS they can both connect to.
You’d probably want someone there to help if you’re not familiar with how to set this up in your router.

Thanks for all the replies. I am not great at networks but I will try to read up a bit on the topic. It may be that it’s not worth the trouble to reconfigure the network.
Ideally I would like an option in the app to be able to say “mark this streamer as a device to be ignored”. Maybe naim will add such an option at some stage.

I don’t believe a static route will allow routing of UPnP streams, which I suspect is required. If there is a way to do it then I’m all ears!

I’ll pop round his house Tuesday evening and sort it out, promise.
I’ve not tested it on the OP’s network but I’d imagine you could do it using IGD-PCP, We’ll find out on Tuesday :joy:

On my own network I’ve tried and failed so far. Probably a lack of knowledge/understanding. Google didn’t really help me since my network is ‘complicated’ and not open source.

Agreed, it’s not a common setup and likely would require using OpenWRT or similar stack in the router. The challenge is permitting the broadcast discovery traffic to persist beyond the subnet of the source/server, ordinarily it won’t want to do that, nor should it be allowed to do so.
I’ll give it some more thought when I’m not half asleep after a day at Legoland, a nice problem to solve at least.

I’d be very interested to hear how you solve it.

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