Twonky v.s Minim... Vote

Those two options playing through Melco as a server …what’s is your default media to use for better sound only?

Before I opened this new thread, I guess it was you. I am a medium :innocent:

I remember you have opened similar thread many months ago. Can’t respond personally, I use the server as it is.

You remember exactly good memory…Twonky is my choice but i’m curious to ear others choices

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I use Twonky on a 2011 MacBook Pro, 13". I have also tried Ark, a new DLNA software ‘specifically’ designed for the OS platform: user graphic interface: null. For the rest, it makes a Mac seen by the network. $20 or so.
Minim: tried. Again - having it on a Mac - the GUI could have its utility, but there’s none. I understand that a UPnP/DLNA has just one task: to make a device seen by the Network, but let’s not forget that Twonky Server is the industry standard for many a ‘maker’ of ripper/servers, and has all the functions one could wish, plus showing ALL the artwork and being capable to replay the music on the Mac itself if one is not using the big system. Cost: $19 or so.


P.S. I understand the difference between £19 (Twonky) and free (minim), but when I think of people on the quest for free software after having spent thousands for the gear, I have questions I keep for myself.

Minim is not free as Twonky… i`m interest only in term of sound

I use twonky (default) and love the SQ! The cover art presentation is better with minim…

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That`s exactly correct…but best media app in my opinion is Asset best art presentation and sound good as Twonky…the only problem i can t add Asset to my Melco server…pity

I would guess that the developer of Minimserver has similar thoughts, as he now has a paid version.

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