U-Serve - time to move on?

I’ll have a chat with my dealer.

My dealer is the go to guy in Aus re Naim gear he isn’t just anybody. I have complete trust in him. Funny that kinda leads into a problem with new distributors and servicing in some markets, NZ and Aus are 2. Those anyone’s are the people that’ll save the brand here.

I’ve read the pros and cons re WAV v flac on a few threads and I’m not convinced either way. Why do you think it’s important to change, I’m sitting here listening to Lou Reeds New York in WAV 24/96 and it sounds fantastic.

I think it’s pragmatic rather than important. As I said above, if your Serve conks out you won’t be able to play your music from your backup. Maybe the Serve could be fixed locally but if not you are sending it halfway round the world for repair and it could be gone for months. It just seems sensible to know you have a workable backup.

I’m sure your dealer is a top man, but he may not have encountered this issue or be aware of the potential issues involved.

I won’t be sending it half way round the world. That’s ridiculous both cost and environmentally. I’ve got my music backed up in one form or another. Anyway it’s Sunday night unless you’ve jinxed me I’m sure it’ll all be there in the morning when I talk to my guy.

I understood SongKong will convert the naim wav files so the Melco can read them. I haven’t tried it but its an option on the software on my N100.

You’d need a modern Melco to do this with the Ex upgrade.

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I think that’s right, my dealer was talking about how good SongKong is, but we did not get into that in any depth so I have no details on this, but a quick search will give more detailed information.


You really should listen to hungyhalibut. I have been through this (converting WAV to FLAC on my UnitiServe) when I became aware of the ‘incompatibility’ CD WAV rips on the UnitiServe when copied to another NAS or Server.

One thing is certain. Your UnitiServe will at some point fall over, so you really need a back up of usable FLAC files on another NAS/hard drive.

When I went from Unitserve to Melco, it was a nightmare to transfer the albums. I tried transcoding the Wav to Flac using Naim Desktop client.
I and my dealer failed. My dealer finally asked a tekie friend to do the job . It took 2 days.
So better save now in Flac, before the Unitserve dies.

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FF, what’s your knowledge on SongKong with regards to the WAV issue?

I’m not, not listening I’m just waiting to talk to my dealer in the morning. I do understand what HH is saying and I appreciate his input. I’ll let you know his thoughts in the morning.

Rightly or wrong my guy has always told me at worst he can recover my rips from the US. My downloads are backed up separately.

OK, but this quirk of the UnitiServe, and the solution to retrieving missing metadata from copied WAV rips, is not well understood, even by good dealers.

It’s also not the case that you can’t play your CD ripped WAV files from the backup on the Nas. I am able to stream from the Nas to my Naim streamer and my networked TV and my Blue Node Pulse One sitting in the kitchen from the backup. The problem is that the artwork is not accessible.

Trust me it’s the one thing I own that scares me most. My dealer has already fixed it once.

None, sorry. I had my library transferred and have no metadata problem now.
Today I buy albums on AIFF format and I have 98% right cover albums.
I doesn’t bother me to have some covers lacking.

This is true but it is extremely difficult to recover the ‘missing’ metadata after the event. FLAC files are of course no problem in this regard.

Yes, I should have said metadata.

Isn’t the a program that could handle it.

That right - what I meant is that one won’t be able to play them in acceptable way. They will of course ‘play’ but as separate tracks without complete metadata or art.

Not sure, I am no expert, which was part of the reason for me to take the precaution of converting WAV to FLAC on my UnitiServe so I did not have to deal with this issue.

I’m sure it can be done somehow but if you get the Serve to do it it’s literally a ten second job once you’ve opened the DTC. It then takes a couple of days to convert them, depending on how many albums need doing. I’m a bit useless with IT and for me, simple and easy is best.

Am I the only one here playing WAV files?