Ubiquiti switch 8 60 w question

I have my Naim ndx2 wired from my router to this switch (using BJ cat 6a). The patchcord from wall goes to one of the 4 non POE inputs.
I have another BJ cat 6a leaving the switch going to my ndx2.
Question: does the patchcord leaving the switch to my ndx2 use non POE port or the POE port? Or does it matter?
Not sure I understand what the POE is for.
Any help appreciated

POE is for suplying DC power to certain devices that are able to use it, so that they don’t need to be connected to their own mains supply. So one switch may supply power to another via the same Ethernet cable that carries data. Ubiquiti WiFi devices often use a POE switch to power them.
Obviously this is of no use to your NDX2. A switch that provides POE normally detects connected devices that want it, so you should be able to use any port to connect your streamer.

Thanks no no harm or benefit from either port

I’m not familiar with the Ubiquiti switches, but normally it’s fine to connect a device that doesn’t require POE to a port that is able to supply it. The switch detects the type of device that you’ve connected, and if it’s not asking for power, it won’t supply it. I’d be very surprised if your Ubiquiti was any different.

Thanks Chris. Really enjoying what the ndx2/xpsdr is doing with my Olive 52/135s into Kudos Titan T88s.
I’m enjoying discovering so much new music from Qobuz and internet radio. I’m enjoying music again, not just replaying cd’s over and over that I’ve heard so many times before. Music is a constant discovery and is exciting - like when I was 17 yrs old!


You have to turn on Poe in the Unifi controller per port. If it’s not turned on its a normal port. If on it won’t matter as it will only send it if device the other end is also Poe. I use poe to power my Unifi access points and other switches, it’s much neater solution and cuts down on walwarts.

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