Uhm from atom

My uniti atom issue an uhm noise. Not from the speakers, from the Atom itself. What do you think abour it ?

I’ll take a punt that it is the transformer humming away.

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This is not unusual, and mine makes a hum which is not loud, but still audible from the sofa. For that reason I disable server mode and do not keepa USB drive attached, so that it remains silent when in network standby mode.

I have done the same here. Also, you can try to put some sound isolators under the Atom to reduce the noise e.g. vibrapods or similar vibration absorbers.

Thanks to all for the replies.
My ‘strange’ situation is that my atom never did an hum, it’s a problem that raises after 2 years …

You can also try a DC blocker. Lot of threads on it in the search part. Seems to work well in most cases.
However generally the hum concerns the power supplies. So don’t know if it’s adapted to your case.

You, your neighbor, or any other consumer on your grid segment could have bought a new appliance, etc. It is not unusual that the issue has nothing to do with your unit but is caused by the mains supply. May also change during the day. See:

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In that case you should try to isolate the source of the problem. Can you take the Atom to a different location or two and see if the hum persists?
Otherwise it’s possible that a device in your home or a nearby neighbors has developed a fault, or a new noisy device has been connected. Switching off individual devices or circuits may help to identify a culprit.

Moving the atom in different locations the uhm disappear . Unfortunately all the plugs cloee to the wall I need are not clean from the uhm. I think to Pull a new AC cable from the lanyard to a new outlet dedicated to the atom.

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