UK hi-fi show / Ascot

The manufacturer is not on the exhibitors list so seems like they are giving it a miss, too bad, my real reason is to visit the ELAC stand

There’s another show this weekend at Woodland Grange near Leamington spa, it calls itself “The Audio Show”, no Naim presence there either.

That does not surprise me, none of the big hitters are there, just cable companies and little single product makers, the Ascot show is on another level

I posted some photos on the audiophilia madness thread.


Really, you did? A surprise to us all!

Irony ? What’s the problem with that GeoffC ?

There are some nice pics on the hifi pig blog by Steve Crowe, for those like me who did not attend.


No problem FR, just that they could have gone here if they were related to this thread, rather than in the audiophilia madness thread.


Ah ok. You can see all the pics on Mono and Stereo site. UK hifi show live 2019. Some are complaining about my copy and paste photos, so I don’t want to create negative comments…

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:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…There are always some who complain,.such people are everywhere.

Just see the thread “Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania”,.when I took time today,and added some pictures of powercables we tested.

And the more creative you are,.the more these people complain :wink:.
Should you listen to such people,.nothing will happen.
I choose not to see,.or hear such people.

Let them run after and complain,.instead of them doing something themselves…I don’t care.!!

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:


Well - I for one enjoy looking at the examples of esoteric hi-fi that you post.

But then again, my tastes in hi-fi equipment as with my taste in music is pretty eclectic. This may (understandably) not be the case with some in this forum.

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