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Not sure if this is the right place or if I should ask Naim directly, but are there any differences between a ND555 sourced from the UK to one sourced in the US? I know the voltage on the 555 PS would be different in the UK but would any of the internally wiring be different as well for the ND555. I am in the US and have a 555PS already but found a ND555 in the UK, just want to see if they would be compatible with one another without having to tweak anything.

Thank you!

No, no difference apart from the Voltage I believe.

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I’m not aware if any specific difference between ND555 head units for different territories.

However, be aware that you’ll have no warranty in the US on a unit sourced in the UK and if anything goes wrong with it then it would be considered a “grey” import.

There are no differences - they’re handmade by the same specialists here in Salisbury; only the voltage is changed for the US.

Richard’s note is important re Warranty etc, though.


Thank you for the responses. Especially thank you @Richard.Dane and @Naim.Marketing

It didn’t even cross my mind on the warranty but makes sense!

Enjoy the day everyone!

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Presumably there is a change for the frequency difference as well (50Hz->60Hz)? I only ask as I understand some houses in America do have 240V 60Hz outlets

There isn’t a need to change anything between 50 and 60 Hz mains. It’s the voltage that matters.

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