UK SuperCapDR in a U.S. Naim System?

I have upgraded from my SN2 to a 282 and 250DR. Absolutely amazed at the difference. I have a HCDR and want to upgrade to a supercap DR. can I buy one out of the UK and will it work on my US 110V system?

You’ll have to have it converted to 115v from 230v but yes it can be done.

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Thanks, Lots of them for sale in UK, none in US

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You’ll need to factor in the cost of shipping and any taxes and duties due on arrival in the US. You will need to send the Supercap to AV Options or the Naim distributor in order for them got convert it to 115V, change fuse, labels, mains lead etc… and factor in that cost as well.

There must surely be some for sale somewhere in the USA? Is there a shop in the USA that’s similar to TomTom Audio, specialising in second hand Naim equipment? Buying - and then converting - a UK spec unit seems like an awful lot of work (as Richard Dane’s post confirms).

Sorry forgot to mention looking for pre-owned, there are a few but prices near new. Thank you for the information as I continue to learn about the boxes. I had great luck buying a 282 and a 250DR. Had a deal on a SCDR, but was haggling too much on the price and lost out. Good lesson learned. I will now need to be patient for the next box, which has not always been my strong suit…

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I would think the cost of shipping and converting would be pretty price prohibitive. AV Options probably sell the supercap themselves, they carry most naim products. Another good naim source in the US is Hawthorne Stereo out of Seattle. Nice shop and super helpful staff; nice website too.

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Agreed! I’d check around as well. When I dreamed of replacing my HiCapDr I always saw plenty of Supercaps around. Mostly older and in need of service but available.

what speakers are you using?

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I’d call around a few dealers to see what you can negotiate on a new/ex-dem one. For one, there’s 20% off being offered in the US right now thru 3/26 and on top of that, given that it’s not being made anymore, I would have thought you could push an even better deal on an in-stock or ex-dem item.

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@JD-in-CA You might want to try contacting Basil Audio in Saratoga. They often have second-hand items across the range.

The pricing on a new SuperCap DR in the US is excellent at the moment and you should be calling a dealer. The available discount from Naim plus the trade in value of your HiCapDR along with any other discount you can negotiate should bring a smile to your face. If you want one they can be found…


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