Ultra Wideband

A neighbor was expressing hesitation in my investing in current streaming equipment, the Naim NDX 2 to be exact.

His reason was because he said it’ll be an expensive obsolete tech soon with the emergence of Ultra Wideband technology.

He claimed UWB goes through walls, is more accurate than wifi, and will eliminate the need to run ethernet cables to get the most out of the gear.

My questions:

What are the current thoughts on UWB and should I be worried I just pulled the trigger on the NDX 2?

Will the NDX 2 be upgradeable in that regard at all? Whether dealer installed, or with some other addition?

Should I hold off and use a cheaper component until the next NDX iteration?

There will always be something new…….life is too short, enjoy your music now. Naim are not quick adopters anyway, the NDX2 is great….enjoy.


I can’t see anything in UWB that would be of any benefit to the NDX2

Nothing to worry about.

There were/are thoughts to replace cables (like HDMI, but no general networking), but today’s LAN/WiFi is easily capable of handling hires streams (and more), and LAN/WiFi are some of the longest living technologies in current IT and will surely not be replaced within the next decade. Nobody will replace all the existing equipment depending on it. And all Evolution in both areas are mightily compatible over the generations.

I agree with most of the foregoing, except that Bluetooth isn’t a good example of UWB because it’s specific frequencies although it is low energy. Anyway UWB is irrelevant to whether or not you buy an NDX2 and speaking as someone still currently professionally involved in radio spectrum policy and engineering practice, I think your neighbour is completely wrong.

I would seriously say - order your NDX2 quick, before the Naim price increase.


Too late now I suspect (unless there’s online stock) as the new prices kick in on 6th Dec and most dealers won’t be open until then.

As for the original question I’d not worry at all.

Even non-LAN based hi-res audio streaming is a relatively low bandwidth affair that even basic connections should be able to manage.

Which country are you in ?

Seems very rude of the neighbour. Wait till they buy a Porsche and are beaming with pride and tell them it’s a load of outdated rubbish and that they’ve been had.

Your opening paragraph brought some amusement :laughing:

Spot on

UWB exists now in various forms…but for short range low throughput applications… and may in the future be seen as a PAN technology like the ‘Bluetooth’ equivalent of 5G or wifi. Our music applications use TCP/IP based protocols… along with the internet and home data networks.
For reliable communications in a domestic and commercial environment where higher throughputs are required, then narrow band (Wifi) or 5G technologies will be where the main future lies at least in the near future.
Anything that uses bandwidth on a non primary user basis, such as many UWB applications will be a compromise and be impeded by overall service level reliability (so no difference from wifi, Bluetooth in that regard), but where low rf power and low throughput is required in low noise or controlled environments it could be a big plus… like hospitals, or sensitive rf installations

Of course Naim already use PAN (albeit narrow band) technology in their new streamers… and that is ZigBee (and BlueTooth)…

So yes we might see UWB in the future in our Hi-Fi space … but expect it to replace Bluetooth, and say provide hidef lossless links to cordless headphones from amps… could be exciting… you will certainly value the benefit of a quality streamer like the NDX2 if that appears within the next 5 to 10 years.

Neighbor meant well, but it brought it up questions I figured the community would know more about.

I purchased the NDX2 last month. I’m in the US, and I’m still waiting for it to ship. Also waiting for my speaker upgrades, all of which is stuck in some port in containers most likely.


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